The Hidden Cape Foundation: Convention Fundraising at Comicpalooza

Walking through the exhibit hall yesterday, I noticed a man in a Superman cape bouncing quarters off a slab of granite onto a table filled with drinking glasses and plastic cups adorned with superheroes. The man’s name is Ryan Dawson and his company, The Hidden Cape Foundation, is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping families […]

Comicpalooza Update: Scrub Club Records Show Tonight

I was able to make it to the George R Brown last night to get a peek at some of this year’s Comicpalooza offerings. If you follow SCR’s Twitter account, you might have seen some of the pictures I was tweeting…

Comicpalooza 2013 Preview: Something For Everybody

The program schedule for Comicpalooza has me all a-twitter with excitement. This weekend, Friday, May 24th, through Sunday, May 26th, the George R. Brown will be the site of Comicpalooza…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 3: Weenie Roast + Binarium Sound Series + Caroline Sessions + Loudness + More

The last day before Memorial Day is upon us — Sunday, May 29th — and still plenty going on, don’t worry. Comicpalooza‘s still running, for one thing (sorry, forgot to mention that one yesterday), but honestly, far cooler is the 4th Annual Weenie Roast

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: The Busy Kids + Manchester Orchestra + The Standells + Wails + Holy Fiction + Spin Doctors + More

A good, long (well, for me, anyway) Memorial Day weekend coming up, and it’s looking like a damn busy one, to boot, starting with tonight, Friday, May 27th. First off, there’s a cool-ass lineup of garage-y, punk-y goodness going on at the Big Star Bar

Comicpalooza Gets Admiral Adama

Non-music-related, but hey; I had a blast last year with Midget #1 at Comicpalooza, and while the list of guests so far hasn’t been that mind-blowing, they announced a new big-namer today: Edward James Olmos

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