Tonight: Caddywhompus + Sun Hotel + LIMB + Project Grimm

Alright, so I’m still dragging myself out of the lazy-ass, family-stuff, holiday-vacation slump (which is worse than my usual lazy-ass, procrastinate-about-everything slump), but I literally just heard about an awesome, awesome show that’s happening right now…

Ojet Records Comes Back to Life, With Lance Walker’s Bull Thieves

Got some good news today from a somewhat unexpected area… Way back when I first moved here and started being awed & amazed by the cool, cool music being made ’round H-town, a guy named Mark Caperton was starting a brand-new record label…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: Clouded/Project Grimm Reunion (MP3s!) + American Fangs + Roky Moon & BOLT + Muhammad Ali + More

Now that the dust’s settled a bit, and all the shredded bits of wrapping paper have been thrown out (at our house, anyway), it’s time to run down the second night of all-out holiday insanity of the weekend — namely, Sunday, December 26th. Here’s what looks cool to me…

Awesome News: Project Grimm & Clouded Ride Again, At Least Temporarily

Holy crap. Just got word that on December 26th of this year, old-school scene kings Project Grimm and Clouded will be reuniting to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the first band’s first show

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