Love From The Heart: A Pair of Poems by Christian Kidd

As previously mentioned, a few years ago SCR contacted Christian Kidd, frontman for The Hates and all-round Houston scene hero, about his recent memoir…

Time to Help Out: A Benefit for Christian Kidd & A Long-Delayed Interview

Earlier this spring, some truly devastating news broke that Christian Kidd, founder, singer, songwriter, and guitarist for The Hates, Houston’s longest-running punk band, a band that’s been around since the late ‘70s…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: KTRU Outdoor Show + Ruiners + Christian Kidd + Craig Kinsey + Kerouac Fest + Le Poeme Harmonique + More

Alright, people — the rest of this weekend, yours truly will essentially be lit on fire and running screaming through the streets (okay, metaphorically, but still). So here’s what’s going on tomorrow, Saturday, March 9th, before I run out of time to talk about it…

Christian Kidd & Alexis Kidd, Just a Houston Punk

I don’t know Christian Kidd, not really; we’ve exchanged emails a few times, sure, but we’ve never met in person, never had a conversation longer than a sentence or two. I think the closest I’ve come to introducing myself to the guy — who over the many…

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