Yr. Weekend: LIMB (Reviewed!) + B L A C K I E (Reviewed!) + Raekwon + Paris Falls + Screwtape + Resonant Interval + Tool + More

It’s shaping up to be quite a handful of days, coming up. Starting tonight, Fri., June 18th, there’s good, good, practically unmissable shit literally each night…

Cactus Music

2110 Portsmouth Houston, TX. 77098 (713) 526-9272

Fake Believe, Talk Speak EP

While there’s nothing strictly wrong with the first two tracks of Fake Believe’s five-song EP, Talk Speak, I’ll admit they had me a little worried. The too-slick, hipster-ish dance-funk grooves on the verses of both “Pornography” and “Another Dead Romantic” didn’t get more than a shrug out of me…

Guitars, White Night White Night

I’ve always thought of The Velvet Underground as a band that was less about songs and more about a general feeling, a kind of sleepy-yet-restless nervousness that’s raw and wide-open and pretty much uniquely urban. To this kid from partly-rural central Texas, the VU was like the sound of Noo Yawk…

Guitars (Finally) Have Their Official CD Release, This Afternoon at Cactus

Yep, it’s true — after what seems like quite a while, local garage-rock(-ish) supergroup Guitars is finally officially releasing their debut full-length, White Night White Night, this afternoon around 3PM or so (I’ve seen a couple of different times so far) up at Cactus Music. Not sure just how it’ll go, but I think it’s […]

H-Town Mixtape

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