Just Telling Stories: Peter Beste & Lance Scott Walker Help Houston’s Hip-Hop History Speak

Once upon a time, Houston hip-hop was a secret. Beyond a couple of well-known names like the Geto Boys or UGK (who, hell, were actually from Port Arthur), nobody outside of the immediate Houston/Beaumont area had any…

Ojet Records Comes Back to Life, With Lance Walker’s Bull Thieves

Got some good news today from a somewhat unexpected area… Way back when I first moved here and started being awed & amazed by the cool, cool music being made ’round H-town, a guy named Mark Caperton was starting a brand-new record label…

Summerfest Rundown, Pt. 4: Female Demand + Miniature Tigers + Nosaprise + Leg Sweeper + Wild Moccasins + Sour Notes (MP3!)

Once again, here we are with yet more preview-type things of this weekend’s looming Clash of the Musical Titans, Free Press Summerfest. I’m going to have to keep these short(-er), I’m afraid, but I’ll do the best I can — seeing as tomorrow’s the start of the fest…

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