(UPDATED) Yr. Weekend, Pt. 3: Willie Nelson + SXSW Overflow + More

Dang. It isn’t often, lately, that I end up writing up what all’s going on on a freaking Sunday, but here we are, and tonight, March 10th, is looking pretty good. A lot of things are ongoing already, unfortunately — and it kills me that I blew mentioning the {Jandek} show earlier tonight at St. Paul’s Methodist Church

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 3: Pianos Become the Teeth + Resonant Interval + Boondocks Anniversary (Weird Party!) + More

Last of the pile, and yep, there’s still stuff going on tonight, Sunday, July 11th, all ’round our little city-type thing. Not as much, I’ll admit, but hey, what’s there’s good, right? Here goes…


1417 Westheimer Rd. Houston, TX. 77006 (713) 522-8500 “boondocksbar” at “gmail dot com”

Tonight: Steve Martin(!) in Stafford + Buxton + Robert Ellis + Tony Joe White + Flowers to Hide + More

Holy crap, I cannot believe I (well, nearly) forgot about this. Yes, Steve Martin, that Steve Martin, a man best known for his comedic work but who dabbles in both literary-type things and music, as well (and, um, wins freaking awards for it, no less), will be playing tonight, Monday, April 26th, down in Stafford […]

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