Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: Cheap Trick + Springboard South + The Uncluded + Invincible Czars + Nothing More + the last place you look + More

Moving on to Saturday, June 22nd, now, but before I get to the shows that are going on, there appears to be one that isn’t. I haven’t been able to completely confirm it, but it sure looks like the Pull The Plug Fest that’d been originally…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 3: Houston Roxx Fest + the last place you look + The Devil Makes Three + El Desmadre + More

Hey, all — moving slow today, after a long, long, looooong day spent solo with our youngest, taking him to see snakes at the Zoo, taking him on the METRORail for the first time, up into downtown, wandering around inside the Exxopolis “luminarium” with him, letting him jump around in the water park at Discovery Green

Yr. (Abbreviated) Weekend, Pt. 2: Red Cross Benefit + Stevie & Tara Benefit + Ruiners + DJ Sun + Indian Jewelry + Metalachi + More

Okay, so I probably should have written this up last night, rather than opting for sleep and thus being forced to do this where I am now. Which is sitting in a hotel in Galveston, trying to type quietly in the dark as Munchkin #1 tries to whisper Munchkin #2 to sleep…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: mr. Gnome + David Ramirez + Sing Your Life + Weird Weeds + Great White + More

Rolling on into the weekend… It’s Friday, November 16th, kicking off a couple of days packed full of cool, cool stuff to do, so I definitely didn’t want to drop the ball on tonight’s installment. Here we go…

High-Five Time: Black Queen Speaks Opens for Slash Tomorrow & Linus Pauling Quartet on RCRDLBL/Spinner

Got good news on a couple of fronts recently and wanted to share & virtually high-five the bands on the receiving end. This one’s a little more time-sensitive, since it’s happening, um, tomorrow, Sunday, September 9th. See, that’s when Slash, legendary guitar-god…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: Linus Pauling Quartet + Golden Cities + Side Arms + Scale The Summit + Dax Riggs + The Bangles + More

Time for the second installment of the weekend’s cool shows, and tonight’s actually more jam-packed, if anything, than last night. Let’s just cut to the chase, eh? Here’s what sounds good to yours truly: ST-37/Linus Pauling Quartet (split-7″ release)/Golden Cities @ Rudyard’s

Send Yr Favorite Locals to Bonnaroo!: Fiesta Movement Battle of the Bands, Tomorrow

Another one I’m woefully behind on mentioning here, I’m afraid… There’s a Battle of the Bands show going on tomorrow at the Warehouse Live, sponsored by this Ford Fiesta Movement thing, and it sounds pretty damn cool. The gist is that a decent-sized pile of local Houston bands — some of whom I’m already a […]

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