Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: Art Institute + Satin Hooks + Black Lips + Weird Party + Pontiak + American Sharks + More

Gotta do this quick, y’all, but there’s plenty going on tonight, Friday, April 29th, even if I can’t give a detailed rundown on all of it… First up, there’s a cool show tonight at Walter’s, with the excellent {Art Institute} & {Satin Hooks}

Two Good-News (Temporary) Reunions: Weird Party + Blueprint

A couple of bits of good news to share, in case you haven’t already heard, primarily from the One-More-For-The-Kids-Yo department…

First off, readers of this here blog may recall a depressing announcement from a while back about spastic, fiery garage-punks {Weird Party} imploding in a burst of greasy black smoke…

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