Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: The Wheel Workers + Mike Doughty + Coheed and Cambria + American Fangs + Drew Ireland Benefit + More

It’s Saturday, March 2nd, now, y’all, and there’s plenty of good stuff happening both today & tonight. Here’s what I’m liking…

Update: Between the Buried and Me (Melt Your Head) + Sherwood + more

Yep, got the update for this week up early, on account of two shows coming up quick-quick-quick fast (um, like tonight…). First up, Between the Buried and Me play this very evening, Oct. 2nd, up at The Meridian, along with Horse The Band, Animosity, The End, & Scale The Summit, and after hearing BTBAM’s most […]

Between the Buried and Me, Colors

Back in the day, I can remember waging fierce debates over what was and wasn’t metal. Each of my friends had their favorites, naturally, and we all went back and forth over tempos, vocal styles, guitars, songwriting, the whole mess, and classifying some bands as being “real” metal…

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