Coming Up: Untapped Fest Unfolds This Weekend (And Hey, A Giveaway!)

Alright, people — remember just the other day when I talked about Houston’s current bounty of music-type festivals? Well, another’s happening this weekend, and it promises to be pretty spectacular. This is the third (I think?) year of the Houston edition of the Untapped Festival

Twin Forks, Twin Forks

I’ve been seriously intrigued by Twin Forks since they released their first shot across the bow late last year in the form of a self-titled EP, hoping that the band’s full-length would live up to the EP’s substantial, grin-inducing promise. Granted, it’d be all too easy to dismiss the whole Twin Forks project as yet another bunch of indie-rockers trying to “rediscover” their country-rock roots…

WE LIKE THINGS 2012: Telling you all about the awesome things you (maybe) missed last year.

Yes, another year gone by, and another (ridiculously-late) set of top ten lists from us folks here at SCR of all of the good/amazing/awesome things we ran across in 2012. Your intrepid writerly-type people have gone through literally thousands…

H-Town Mixtape

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