Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: The Mathletes Album Release (Rev’d!) + Rock the Bells + Bummerfest + Fringe Fest + More

There’s plenty going on this weekend, but I’m afraid yours truly will be a bit occupied and is going to miss it, so I’m going to try to hit ’em all briefly, at least. It kills me, actually, because on Saturday (August 13th, that is), in particular…

Update/Show: So Many Dynamos + Baby Showers + Cast Spells, Tonight

Damn…feels like I’m doing this more & more lately…sigh. Just got a bunch of new reviews up on the site, including (most crucially for the moment) a writeup of the new one by palindromic Illinoians So Many Dynamos, The Loud Wars. My knee-jerk initial reaction was, “okay, so they sound like The Dismemberment Plan; I […]

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