Tonight: Celebrate the Houston Press Music Awards (Well, the Afterparty, Anyway)

As we mentioned a short while back, this year’s Houston Press Music Awards are upon us. While I’m sure there was some whining and griping, as always, especially about the new, more free-form, less rigid categories…

2016 Houston Press Music Award Nominees Now Up

Yes, it’s true — the list of nominees for this year’s Houston Press Music Awards has been released. Hang on…3, 2, 1, okay there we go — cue the complaints about the new format, gripes about deserving bands being overlooked, diatribes about how it’s all pointless anyway…

Awards to Vote For: Best of Houston 2014 & The 1st Annual Sammy Awards, Deadlines Coming Up Fast

Before I crash out for the night, though, I’d been wanting to post about these for a little while now, and the deadlines are coming up really quickly, so… There’re two different sets of awards you need to go and vote for, right damn now, namely the Houston Press Best of Houston 2014 Awards and The 1st Annual Sammy Awards

Good News Time: Folk Family Revival (Maybe?) Nominated for Grammys & football, etc. Heads Overseas

Ah, how I love the good news — this year’s been weird, actually, in that for once the good news seems, at least, to outweigh the bad (although the bad, like blues legend Earl Gilliam’s recent passing…)

Houston Press BestFest, Coming Up (And Voting’s Now Underway)

Meant to post something about this earlier on, but hell, the {Houston Press} was doing a good enough job of covering/promoting it that there didn’t seem much point, y’know? Still, though, it seems like it’s definitely worth mentioning…

Yay, Us!: SCR Wins “Best Local Music Blog”

Uh. Wow. It’s been a rough week at the Day Job, so I’ve been mostly just keeping my head down, trying to get deadlines met & whatnot; the site’s been the furthest thing from my mind most of this week. Which explains the look of stunned surprise that’s currently working its way off my face…

The Houston Press Music Awards – In Review

Now that the dust has seemingly settled off the month long serenade of the Houston Press Music Awards, which began innocently enough…

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