FPSF 2014 Preview: The Tontons

In the six years or so I have been following The Tontons, I’ve seen them play at least two dozen times, but I’ve never actually sat down to interview any of their band members…

Live: Paste Untapped Festival Houston

I should know to always leave a little extra time between getting to a show and actually expecting to get in, but as usual, I was running on time instead of early. That nearly made me late — there was quite a line forming at about 4:30…

Live: The Manichean at The Alley

Sometimes a show is just a show. That sounds sad, but it’s the truth; not every show is mindblowingly awesome, and even the good ones are just “hey, that was cool”-level good, most of the time. Call me a cynic if you want, but I’ve been to a ton of shows…

Tomorrow: The Tontons’ Asli Omar Opens the Major League Soccer Season

Fans of soccer and awesome, Houston-bred music, unite! Got word a little earlier today that tomorrow’s Major League Soccer season opener tomorrow, Saturday, March 2nd, will feature none other than Asli Omar

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: The Tontons + Featherface (Rev’d!) + Blackmarket Syndicate + The Mink Last Call + More

And here we are at Sat., September 1st, the start of yours truly’s very own birth month, and there are a crap-ton of good shows happening, almost all of ’em stellar H-town lineups. Here’s what sounds/looks good to me…

2012 HPMAs Ballot, Now Online (UPDATED x2!)

UPDATE: Okay, so apparently I misunderstood the rules for the voting. You can vote not just once, but once per day on the ballot for whoever you want to win, from now until August 5th

Live: The Manichean share their vision with a triumphant performance of their new album LOVERS

With three EPs under their collective belts, The Manichean boys — Cory Sinclair, Justice Tirapelli-Jamail, and their capable entourage of musicians — are not the young upstarts that I met three years ago…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: The Manichean at The Alley + Free Radicals + The Tyburn Jig + Sheer Terror + More

It’s Saturday, June 16th, and unfortunately, the little guy decided not to take a nice, long nap this afternoon, so I’ve got to keep this one a little on the brief side, too. I didn’t want to miss out on tonight’s shows, though, because there’s some awesome stuff going on. Here we go…

H-Town Mixtape

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