Yr. (Belated) Weekend: St. Patty’s at Fitz + Southern Backtones + Andrew W.K. + Dana Buoy (MP3!) + Emmure + More

What can I say, y’all? It’s been a hell of a month over here, and this weekend’s just another to add to the pile…sigh. I’d planned to post this weekend’s writeups, plus a heartfelt post about today’s KTRU Outdoor Show

Tonight: The Futureheads (MP3) + The Soft Pack (MP3) + Accept + Andrew WK + Art Institute + Vinyl Junkie + More

What the hell? It’s a Wednesday, for crying out loud, but tonight (October 13th) is looking like a Friday, instead (or at least a Sunday). There’s quite a bit going on, and a fair amount of it’s good. Here’s what I like, anyway…

Update: Andrew W.K. (7/5!) + Hollywood Black (6/28!) + New Bloggers + Live Reviews + More

Yeah, this last update was a big one — we’re gonna have to skip a week or two after this, as I’ll be flying out tomorrow AM for Arizona, off on The Great Grand Canyon Adventure/March of Death ’08, so we tried to get a large bunch of new things up on the site… First […]

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