Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: #HelpAmy + Active Child (Rev’d!) + The Dodos + Andre Williams + /Crustaceans\ + More

As hinted at yesterday, there’s a veritable crapload of stuff going on tonight, Saturday, September 3rd. There’s so much I’m honestly having a hard time even talking about all of it…

Yr. Weekend (& Beyond), Pt. 1: Black Congress + Weird Party + Diplo + Goodnight Summer + Jealous Creatures + Blaggards + More

Heading into the Labor Day weekend with Friday, September 2nd, and I have to say, I’m feeling pretty psyched, not just about the weekend and not just because it’ll be yours truly’s birthday this coming Saturday, September 3rd

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: Andre Williams (MP3!) + The Lotus Effect (Reviewed!) + Alkari + East Cameron Folkcore + Roller Derby Punk + More

Late, as usual, I know — even still, though, I didn’t want to neglect all the shows going on tonight (Sat., August 21st) and tomorrow (Sun., August 22nd). And yes, there’s quite a pile, and holy crap does it look good. Here’s what’s up…

Andre Williams & The New Orleans Hellhounds, Can You Deal With It?

I have to admit, sometimes it’s nice to not have to think too much about this stuff. I mean, c’mon — this is Chicago wildman Andre Williams, the dirtiest, funkiest, nastiest soul singer you’re ever in danger of mistaking for one of your grandpa’s old-timer friends…

Andre Williams with The Diplomats of Solid Sound, Aphrodisiac

Andre Williams is a soul/R&B singer that got his start in the ’50s and came pretty close to stardom, but never quite made it, despite writing a number of songs that became hits for other artists. He released a few singles of his own…

H-Town Mixtape

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