Technology Sucks. (Well, Sometimes, Anyway.)

Hey, folks — I just wanted to poke my head up briefly to mention a couple of SCR-related things that have been going on behind-the-scenes, to let everybody know in case they themselves have run into ’em. First off, the website was hacked over the weekend, which meant that yours truly got to spend his birthday evening frantically installing WordPress security plugins and trawling through files to look for bogus code. Argh…

Technical Difficulties, (Hopefully) Now Resolved…

Hey, folks — thanks to the keen attention of two SCR readers/commenters, we learned of a fairly massive technical issue with the Website, one that’s been going on, apparently, since April. Argh.

Robin Heads North; Spencer Gets Hitched (Um, Back in March)

Got some personal-type news to share about a couple of the cool folks over here at SCR; it’s good news, don’t worry… First off, we here at SCR HQ are both bummed & proud to bid a fond farewell to indefatigable writer Robin Babb

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