Tonight: The Wheel Workers Throw Some Political Fireballs at the Satellite

Anybody can write a political song; conversely, very few people can write a good political song. For every Public Enemy or Billy Bragg out there, there’s a metric ton of flat-out terrible also-rans. And then, thankfully, there’s The Wheel Workers, who take political songwriting and graft it to smart, clever, earworm-packed pop…

Yes, Indeed! 2015, This Saturday! (Rundown, Pt. 1): Bee Caves + The Working Girls + Jealous Creatures + Black Kite + Moji + Blue Healer + Wrestlers + RIVERS + Handsomebeast

And speaking of festival-type things… Yup, this coming Saturday, September 19th, is the 2015 installment of the ever-excellent Yes, Indeed! Music Festival run by SCR‘s own Jason Smith and Energizer Bunny-like cohort Phil “Bassman Pep” Peterson

08.08 Day Strikes Tomorrow at 8th Wonder

Hey, folks — I know it’s been quiet ’round here lately. Apologies for that; I’m attempting to get back on the writing horse, so to speak, after quite a while spent doing other necessary-for-life things involving house, children, etc. I’ll definitely be posting more stuff very soon. Let me preface this particular post, though, by saying that I’m not a beer drinker. Tried it many, many times, hoping it’d somehow click, and suddenly I’d be a fan, but I’m afraid that’s never been the case…

Big News: New Pegstar Music Venue, White Oak Music Hall, Gets Underway

Got a nice surprise in the inbox this week: the Pegstar folks have officially released their plans for their long-promised new venue, which they’re planning to have up and running early next year. The new place is going to be called White Oak Music Hall, a name that has pretty lofty aspirations and a nice historical tie both to the current Pegstar venue, Fitzgerald’s

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: Athlete + Alex Arizpe Benefit + The Fox Derby + Miss Leslie + Fight With Flash/Little Lo + More

Back again with the rest of the weekend, and yep, there’s still a lot going on; here’s what looks good to me: Athlete/Carney @ Mango’s — I’m always partial to the locals, these days, but in this case I’m just as psyched at the prospect of British pop-rock crew…

The Eight Creeping Tentacles of Death of… The Octopus Project!

Some bands are just so bizarre they don’t let you look away. I meandered up to Rudyard’s a while back to catch a friend’s band and watched with a mixture of dread and fascination as this motley quartet called The Octopus Project (the opening band, it turned out) spent a half-hour setting up a cluttered mass of instruments, black boxes, and cables…

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