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Your online guide to Marc Hirsh
Doin' what it takes because I've got no other choice

Oh, and everything on these pages is Copyright 1991-2006 Marc Hirsh. So don't even think about it.

Here are some things I've done:

Album reviews! And lots of 'em.
Other writings! See why I'm not a movie reviewer!
Drawings! See why I'm not an artist! (Exhibit A, above)
Me & famous people! Check out the Marc fanboy-nerd gallery! How many names here do you recognize?

Here are some things which take up my time:

ImprovBoston. Home of ImprovBoston (obviously), TheatreSports (less obviously) and Micetro (pronounced "oh-need-ers").
Space City Rock
. Houston's finest semi-quarterly music/arts/etc. magazine, and I'm not just saying that because I write for it and pay steaming hunks of its bills. Now in online form.
Squarefour. Adult four square league. No, really. No. Really.

Things I find funny:

The Book of Ratings. Five things, rated.
The Brunching Shuttlecocks
. Was once. No longer. Archive funny.
Demotivators. Because sometimes you know that you're just going to fail.
Fametracker. Entertainment made entertaining. Home of the Fame Audit, 2 Stars 1 Slot and the invaluable "Hey! It's That Guy!"
Frolic and Detour. Just because.
Homestar Runner. It's dot com!
The Onion. Every Wednesday.
Pathetic Geek Stories. None have been mine. Yet. Hostess snack cakes. Superfriends. The Atari Jaguar. All are deeply wrong. Find out why, if you're over 18.
The Washington Post Style Invitational. Every Sunday. Click "current contest" to play.


ComedySportz National Homepage. Find the improv team closest to you, while you can.
Covert Theatre. Your Auckland, New Zealand home for impromptu funniness.
Improv Encyclopedia. An encyclopedia of improv.
Yes and... Your one and only rule.

Film & TV:

The Internet Movie Database. Why I appear to know everything about movies.
Entertainment Weekly. For when you're too cheap to subscribe.
Roger Ebert. A fine, fine critic and, more unusually, a fine, fine writer.
The Self-Made Critic. Starring movie reviews, Academy Award predictions and a cranky editor. No new reviews, though, apparently.
Television Without Pity. Bad television made bearable. And some good television crammed in there, too.


The All-Music Guide. Why I appear to know everything about music. Partly.
Aimee Mann Online. The creator of possibly the best songs you will hear in your life, not to mention the sister-in-law of Sean Penn.
Amy Rigby Online. Why aren't you listening to her yet?
Columbia House Online. This one's more for me, but if you feel like getting trapped into this form of hell, let me know. I get 4 free CDs for signing up another sucker.
The Go-Go's. They're back, they're great, I still obsess about them.
Guided By Voices. Every song an anthem, every recording a crapshoot.
Kill Rock Stars records. Terrible name, very good label.
Nellie McKay. "This girl is brilliant, and quite possibly deeply disturbed." - Amy M.
Robert Christgau. Somewhat obnoxious, yes, but he's the Dean for a reason.
Sleater-Kinney Online. Best band in the world. They know it, I know it, you should know it.
Susquehanna Hat Company. Too Much Joy, we hardly knew ye.
Trouser Press Online. Still the finest album guide available.
The War Against Silence. The most maddening record reviewer I've ever come across, and the way I would probably write if I did absolutely nothing else. The review of Neutral Milk Hotel's In The Aeroplane Over The Sea may just be my favorite album review ever.
You Am I Online. Australia's best band, oh, ever. A site so beautiful and well-produced that the webmaster's now a bandmember!

General Info:

Craigslist. Never pay for a piano again. Technically the Boston Craigslist, but you can find your city on the list on the right.
. Where I made 18 of the slowest and most complicated dollars of my life.
MapQuest. Seems rather silly now that I don't have a car, but when you're as cartography-obsessed as I, you still find a reason to visit.
Merriam-Webster Online. For when you really, really need to look up "zizith" in a hurry.
The San Fernando Valley Urban Legends Reference Pages. Annoy your friends by telling them why the email they just sent you is bullshit!
So You Learn everything! Really!
The Straight Dope. Confused? Ask the world's smartest human.
Yiddish glossary. You have a problem with Yiddish?