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Record Labels

 I've got a record label, do you? Everybody cool has one. Heck, even your mom's got one, and you're just not indie enough to know about it.


The biggies (and no, I'm not talking Smalls, here).

Atlantic Records
Capitol Records
Def Jam Records
DreamWorks Records
Elektra Records
Epic Records (Sony)
Hollywood Records
Interscope Records
Island Records
MCA Records
Polydor Records
Sony Music
Virgin Records - America
Warner Bros. Records


The "lesser" majors (like that makes any sense).

Alias Records
Alligator Records
American Recordings
Arista Records
Beggars Banquet
Decca Records
Green Linnet/Xenophile Records
Luaka Bop Records
Maverick Recording Company
Metal Blade Records
Motown Records
nothing records
Outback Entertainment
Reprise Records
Rhino Records
Rounder Records
Rykodisc Records
Shanachie Records
Tommy Boy Records


The "major" indies (ditto).

Ajax Records
Alternative Tentacles Records
Amphetamine Reptile Records
Arhoolie Records
Asian Man Records
Astralwerks Records (Caroline)
Bar/None Records
Bedazzled Records
Big Wheel Recreation
Blood and Fire Records
BOMP! Records
Bong Load Records
Camera Obscura Records
Capricorn Records
Caroline Records
Caulfield Records
Ché Trading Limited
Cherry Red Records
Cornerstone R.A.S./Skunk Records
Crank! Records
C/Z Records
Darla Records
Deep Elm Records
DeSoto Records
Drag City Records
Dutch East India
Earache Records
Emperor Norton Records
eMpTy Records
ENEMY Records
Estrus Records
Fat Wreck Chords
Fearless Records
Flying Nun Records
Fueled By Ramen Records
Get Hip Records
Go Kart Records
Grand Royal
Hefty Records
HitIt! Recordings
Initial Records
Isolation Tank
Jade Tree Records
K Records
Kill Rock Stars
Kindercore Records
Lookout! Records
Mammoth Records
March Records
Matador Records
Merge Records
Minty Fresh Records
Mr. Lady Records
MOJO Records
Moon Ska Records
Mo' Wax Records
Mute Liberation Technologies
My Pal God Records
Napalm Records
Nettwerk Records
Ninja Tunes
On-U Sound
Parasol Records
Parlophone Records
Peek-a-Boo Records
Polyvinyl Record Co.
Projekt Records
Quannum Projects
Radioactive Records
Rawkus Entertainment
Relapse Records
Restless Records
Resurrection A.D. Records
Revelation Records
REV/Resist Label Group
RuffHouse Records
Ruthless Records
Scooch Pooch Records
Scratchie Records
Shelflife Records
Shimmy Disc
Shinkansen Recordings
Slabco Records
Slowdime Records
Soda Jerk Records
Some Records
Sonic Unyon Records
Source Records
spinART Records
Sub Pop Records
Sugar Fix Recordings
Sunday Records
Sundazed Records
Sympathy for the Record Industry
TeenBeat Records
Time Bomb Recordings
Too Pure Records
Touch & Go Records
Triple X Records
TVT Records
Up Records (Sub Pop)
Vagrant Records
Vernon Yard Records
Victory Records
Warp Records
XL Recordings


Indies your parents have never heard of.

Ace Records
Alchemy Records
Ambiances Magnétiques
Apt 13
Arlingtone Records
Atavistic Records
Autonomy Records
Beatville Records
Bent Antenna Records
BiB Records
Big Neck Records
Black Pearl Records
Blackout! Records
Brick Records
BSI Records
Buddy System Records
Bungalow Records
Burning Heart Records
BYO Records
Cambodia Recordings
Campfire Records
Candle Records
Carrot Top Records
Castle von Buhler Records
Center of the World Records
Century Media Records
Chainsaw Records
Chapter Music
Cleopatra Records
Cold Meat Industry Records
Conception Records
Crammed Discs
Crucial Response Records
Crypt Records
Dedicated Records
Deep South Records
Del-Fi Records
Delinquent Records
Desafinado Records
Dim Mak Records
Dionysus Records
Dirt Records
Divot Records
Doghouse Records
Double Agent Records
Drive-In Records
Drop Beat Records
Dr. Strange Records
ECM Records
Edison Recordings
Endless Fight Records
Equal Vision Records
Espo Records
Factory Records
Fantastic Records
Farrágo Records
Fish Of Death Records
Framed! Records
Gern Blandsten Records
Grand Theft Autumn
Grimsey Records
Grita! Records
Heartbeat Records
Hightone Records
Hopeless Records
Household Ink Records
Hub City Records
Hydrahead Records
Hypnotic Recordings
Indecision Records
Jazz Fudge Recordings
Jetset Records
Jigsaw Records
Jonas Blank Records
Jump Up Ska Records
June Oliver Records
Just Add Water Records
Justice Records
Kittridge Records
Knitting Factory Records
Kwality Records
Labrador Records
LandPhil Records
Last Beat Records
Le Grand Magistery
Liquid Meat Records
Lotushouse Records
LoveLess Records
Lovitt Records
Lunchbox Recordings
Magic Eye Singles
Magic Marker Records
Man's Ruin Records
Marina Records
Marsh Marigold Records
Matlock Records
The Medicine Label
Microcosm Records
Mind Kontrol Records
Mint Records
Missing Words Records
MOC Records
Mortville Records
Motorcoat Records
Motorway Records
Murder & Mayhem Records
Negative Progression Records
New Granada Records
Nitro Records
Noisewave Records
Northside Records
Not Lame Recording Company
Old Glory Records
Old Gold Records
Omnibus Records
Onefoot Records
One Little Indian
One Ton Records & Graphics
Outpunk Records
Pacifico Recordings
Paris Caramel Records
Pelado Records
Peloton Records
Perris Records
Poplash Records
Ponk Records
Posh Boy Records
Pravda Records
Queenie Records
Racer Records
Radio Khartoum
R.A.F.R. Records
Razor & Tie Records
Red Jagwire Records
Rephlex Records
Reservoir Records
Sandbox Records
Second Nature Records
Secretly Canadian Records
SeeThru Broadcasting
Sham Records
Shangri-La Records
Short Round Records
Siesta Records
Siton Records
Silvergirl Records
Ska-T-Boy Records
The Skull-Duggery Label
SlimStyle Records
Slumberland Records
Small Stone Recordings
Sonic Records
Spectra Sonic Sound
Spinefarm Records
Spineless Records
Springman Records
Steady Beat Recordings
Stubborn Records
Suicide Squeeze Records
summersound recordings
Super Cottonmouth Records
Super8 Records
Ten Cent Records
Tent Records
TFC Records
Theologian Records
Third Gear Records
Tinseltones Records
TKO Records
Tone Casualties Records
The Trattoria Sound
Tree Records
Triple Crown Records
Trustkill Records
Twee Kitten Records
Umbilical Records
Uprising/Entropy Records
Urinine Records
Vaccination Records
Van Richter Records
Vapor Records
Vibrafon Records
Vinyl Japan
Walking Records
Washroom Recordings
Westside Audio Laboratories
Whirled Records
Wonderdrug Records
Wordsound Recordings
Yoyo Recordings


Indies you've never heard of.

AAJ/Smiley Jones Records
Aggressive Records
Alien Snatch! Records
Almighty Records
Alveran Records
American Pop Project
Amulet Records
Angry Landlord Records
Anyway Records
APB Records
A+ Punk Records
Arise Records
Ark 21 Records
Artemis Records
Assassin Records
AUM Fidelity
Aural Adventures
Automatic Kiss Records
Bad Afro Records
Bad Dog Records
Bad Monkey Records
Bad Taste Records
Badcat Records
Bakery Records
Bang Records
Beer City Skateboards & Records
Best Kept Secret
Big Beef Records
Big Pop Records
Birdcage Records
Bitter Kitten Music
Blind Records
Blue Jackel Entertainment
Blue Worm Records
Bobsled Records
Bogus Records
Bombardier Recording Co.
Brain Floss Records
Brentwood Estates
Bridge Nine Records
Brucemonkey Records
Bubblecore Records
Bulb Records
Bumper Car Records
Bumpy Ride Records
Cacophone Records
La Calavera Discos
Candle Records
Carpe Diem Records
Channel Production
Chapelle TNI
Chocolat Art Records
Classified Records
Clean Records
Clean Plate Records
Clover Records
Cold Spring Records
Coming In Second
Common Ground Records
Compass Records
Conscience Records
Contact Records
Corduroy Records
Crackle! Records
Cream Cone Records
Creep Records
Crowd Control Collective
Crunchy Frog Records
Crustacean Records
Curb Records
Cycle Records
Culture Core Records
Curb Records
Cyclone Records
Damage Records
D.C. Records
Dead Serious Records
Debut Records
Delores' Restaurant Records
Dental Records
Desco Records
Detour Records
Dewdrops Records
Dog Patch Records
Doppler Effect Records
DoughBoy Music
Dragon Street Records
Dreamy Records
Drimala Records
D-Trash Technologies
Duckweed Records
East Coast Empire Records
Eclipse Records
eenie meenie records
eggBERT Records
eggshell & four dead
Elastic Fiction Records
Elevator Music
Elkion Records
Envelope Records
Eremite Records
Escalator Records
Eskimo Kiss Records
Eugene Records
Eulogy Recordings
Everybody's Wearing Them Records
Evil Eye Records
Evil Teen Records
Extra Strength Records
Fabulous Friends
Facedown Records
Factor 08 Records
Fairwell Records
Fan Attic Records
Ferret Music
Fevered Pitch Records
Fifth Dimensional Music
Fighting Electric Records
File 13 Records
Firebrand Records
Firestation Tower Records
The First Time Records
555 Recordings
5 Minute Walk Records/Sarabellum Recordings
5 Rue Christine
Flaming Fish Music
Flaming Neck Records
Flapping Jet Records
FLED Records
Floater Records
Flying Duck AB
Fog City Records
Fork In Hand Records
404 Records
Free Union Records
Freebird Records and Tapes
Freek Records
Frisbee Records
Fruity Satan Records
Function 8 Records
Gadfly Records
Galaxy Train
Garden of Delights
Gentle Giant Records
Get Happy! Records
Ghost Records
GiuseppeJoe! Records
Glazed Records
Gleet and Gumma Records
Glitterhouse Records
GMM Records
GogmaGod Records
Goldenvoice Recording Company
Gonzo! Records
Good-Ink Records
Good Life Recordings
Gotham Records
Gourd Music
Grandma Katherine's Music
Green Line Records
Grinda Records
Grrr Records
Grub Records
Guidance Recordings
Guilt Ridden Pop
Hairball8 Records
Hammerhead Records
Hand Held Heart
Handstand Records
Hapiskratch Records
Happiness Records
Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records
Harbourtown Records
Hard-on Records
Harmless Records
Harry Lime Records
Has Anyone Ever Told You?
Hayden's Ferry Records
Hear Diagonally Records
Heartcore Records
Hey! Those Are My Records
High Beam Music
High Park Records
High Risk Records
Highwater Records
Hi-Test Records
Hitman Records
Home Office Records
Hub City Records
Hudson Valley Records
Huge Spooge Records
Hummer Records
HUSH Records
Immigrant Sun Records
Impression Recordings
In a Lighthouse
Incognito Records
Infernal Racket Records
Infinite Records Zurich
INIT Records
Insight Records
Intakt Records
Intellectos Records
Intelligent Records
Invicta Hi-Fi
Iodine Recordings
-ismist Recordings
Ivy Records
JacquesAss Records
Jam Records
J-Bird Records
Jennifer Dog Records
Jerk Off Records
Jetboy Recordings
Jet Glue Records
Jump Start Records
Junk Records
Kat Records
Keep It Alive Records
Kickball Records
Kneeling Elephant Records
KPA Records
Lab Rat Records
Laid Off Records
LameAss Recordz
Landslide Records
LapisHeart Records
Last Call Records
Lavatory Records
Legacy Recordings
Library Records
Lil' Lion Records
Lil' Red Wagon Records
Linkwork Records
Listen Labs
Little Shirley Beans Records and Zines
Living, Dining & Kitchen Records
Loosegroove Records
Lost Disciple Records
Lucky Garage Records
Luke Warm Music
LunaSea Records
Lunch Records
Magnetic Recordings
Manifesto Records
Mantra Recordings
Marginal Recordings
Matinée Recordings
MeteorCity Records
Metropolis Records
Midsummer Madness Records
Minnesota Coalition Records
Mr. Whiggs Records
MNW Records Group AB
Moganono Records
Moment Before Impact Records
Monitor Records
Monolyth Record Group
Monotremata Records
MoodFood Records
Motorway Records
The Mountain Cooperative
The Music Fellowship
My Room Records
Nancy Boy Records
Natural Foundation
Next Sentence Recordings
Neurot Recordings
Nitrus Records
No Records
No-Fi Records
No Name Records
NoVo Records
Ochre Records
October Records
Off Target! Records
Oh Bot Records
Okka Disk
Omnibus Records
Omnipotent Music Group
one-piece records
Oneshot Records & Booking
Open Handed Records
Outsider Records
Over The Top! Records
Owned & Operated Records
Paintcan Chandelierier Records
Palmetto Records
Pandamonium Records
Panic Button Records
The Paper Brigade
paper recordings
Parabola Records
parachute recordings
Pateline Industries
Pavement Music
Perfect Pop Records
Perishable Records
Per Koro Records
Philter Records
Phred Records
Pickled Egg Records
Pinch Hit Records
Pindrop Records
pitch-a-tent records
Pink Tweed Records
Pitchcadet Records
Planet Earth Records
Planting Seeds Records
Plastic Duck Recordings
The Plastique Recording Co.
Plazma Records
Plethorazine Records
Plump Records
+/- Records
Point Music
Policedhate Records
Polyholiday Records
Polystar Records
popgun recordings
Popkid Records
Poprockit Recordings
Pop-Smarts Records
Pork Recordings
Positron! Records
Poster Girl Records
Post-Parlo Records
Pressure Sounds
The Products of tha Streets Entertainment
Prophane Records
Pugnacious Gluegun Records
Puppetfangghost Records
Pyraplastic Records
Q Division Records
q-tape records
Quality Park Records
Quiet Storm Records
Quince Records
Radical Records
Ram Records
Ransom Anger Records
Raw Energy Records
Recess Records
Red Carpet Ring
Redwood Records
Reflections Magazine/Records
Reinforced Records
Relentless Pursuit Records
Reload Records
Reptilian Records
Resin Records
Retaliate Records
Rhetoric Records
Riviera Records
Road Cone Records
Robodog Records
Rodent Records
Root Beer Extract Records
Roxy Records
Ruckus Records
Ruin Records
Russian River Records
Rutland Records
Safety Pin Records
Saft Records
Saltwater Records
Sandwich Records
Satellite Records
Satellite Transmissions
Scamp Records
Schoolkids' Records, Inc.
Scientific Laboratories
Screwgun Records
Scum Records
Season Records
Secret Records
Section 304 Records
702 Records
Seven Wonders of the World Music
Shank Records
She's Gone Records
Shiny Sunset Records
Shoeshine Records
Shoestring Records
Siladi Records
Six Degrees Records
Skeptical Cat Recordings
Skunkative Records
Sky Blue Records
Sliced Bread Records
Slim Pickens Records
Sluggo Records
Smokehouse Records
Smokers Incorporated
Sobermind Records
SonofaBeat Music
Soul Phusion Records
Spectator Records
Spinning Top Records
Steady Cam Records
The Stereo Society
Stillborn Records
Storm Records
Stub Daddy Records
Stud!o K7
Studio 109 Records
StudMuffin Records
Stunt Records
Suburban Noize Records
Sudden Death Records
sun.sea.sky productions
Super Asbestos Records
Sweet Filth Records
Swerve Records
Synthphony Records
tag team records/cathartic distro
Takehold Records
Taking Advantage of the System
Talent Show Records
TallBoy Records
Tandem Records
Tangerine Records
Tank Records
Tar Hut Records
Taxim Records
Technologically Misunderstood
Terminus Records
They Still Make Records
Three.One.G Records
Throwrug Records
Thunderbolt Records
timmi-kat ReCoRDS
T.O.N. Records
Torpedo Records
Torque Records
Toybox Records
ToYo Records
Trademark Records
Tragick Records
Trailer Records
Trauma Records
Tremolo Feedback Records
Triloka Records
Trip Records
Turducken Recordings
25 Records
206 Records
Ubiquity Records
Uncle Buzz
Undecided Records
Underdogma Records
Unencumbered Entertainment Group
Unicycle Records
Unit Circle Rekkids
United Edge Records
Un-Labeled Records
Unread Records
Uprok Records
Uvulittle Records
VEE Records
Vegas Records
Le Village Vert
Voice of Life Records
Volumen Records
Vroom Sound
Warlock Records
Warpodisc/Warm-o'-Brisk Records
Water Dragon Records
Waterbug Records
WE Records
What Records!
What Are Records?
Where It's At Is Where You Are
Whoa Oh Records
Witching-Hour Records
Words on Music
Yep Roc Records
Youth Explosion! Records
Zero Records


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