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Eltro pic Eltro
Information Changer

Eltro is a group from Philadelphia specializing in a drowsy, dreamy, pop-drone hybrid sound. They have four members -- vocals/bass, guitar/electronics, drums, and keyboards. Information Changer has seven tracks, clocking in at 51:36 total, and each track has its own specific variation on their basic sound: track 1 has jaunty electronics in a vamp that doesn't seem to go anywhere; track 2, "Grand Canyon." is down-tempo with, some nice early Seefeel-style guitar drones; and track 3 has some medium tempo funky drum machine electronics action, with vocals put through a Mutron or something of that nature. For whatever reason, I'm not really down with it. Track 4, "To the Side," is more straightforwardly a song, with plaintive minor key guitar work; track 5 has some fuzzy guitar work and repeated murmurs of the title, "Orangina"; track 6 is a dirge. The 14-minute closing track, "I Begin to Believe," has some nice bass and clean guitar parts, and the time wears well. Overall, this album has many good aspects, and I do like some of the tracks, but I feel that it could be better. The electronics on a few of the tracks are a little too intrusive, the vocals a little too bland, the parts a little too repetitive, the tempos uniformly somnambulant. I normally enjoy this droney type of stuff, but for some reason this just doesn't do it for me. I'm sure that some will thoroughly enjoy the album, however, so I would recommend downloading an MP3 to check it out if you think it might be up your alley. (CP)
(Absolutely Kosher -- 1412 10th Street, Berkeley, CA. 94710-1512; http://www.absolutelykosher.com/; Eltro -- http://www.eltro.net/)

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-- Exploding Head pic Exploding Head
Into the Ether

There's something pleasurable about Exploding Head's Into the Ether. Maybe it's the psychedelic indie pop vibe or the way things aren't quite perfect, but whatever it is, it's darn good. Perhaps it's that you just don't know what to expect next out of this duo. They remind me of a cross between Ween and Beck; I think that really says a lot. Most songs on this record are country-tinged ballads with excellent guitar playing and full arrangements. Highlights for me are the tracks "Gigantic Time," "I Hate the Sun," and "Dunes." (KM)
(Washroom Recordings -- P.O. Box 483, Oceanside, NY. 11572; http://www.washroomrecordings.com/)


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BW -- Bob Wall; CP -- Conor Prischmann; CPl -- Cindy Polnick; DM -- Daniel Meese; DD -- Doug Dillaman HM -- Henry Mayer; JC -- Justin Crane; JH -- Jeremy Hart; KM -- Ken Mahru; MH -- Marc Hirsh; MHo -- Mel House; NK -- Nikki Kelly.

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