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LIVE: Elliott
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OBERHOLTZER BALLROOM -- 10/13/2000: I must say, I have never seen anyone look so cool in cowboy boots. And there he was on stage, fronting the Kentucky band Elliott (Chris Higdon, that is). If you have heard Elliott's latest effort, False Cathedrals, you probably noticed a lot of electronic sampling in the songs -- the band managed to pull this off quite nicely live, and did a VERY impressive intro into "Calm Americans." Perhaps the most notably impressive aspect of the live Elliott show was the intensity in which the band performed. A special "wow" goes out to the second guitarist, Jay Palumbo, for it appeared that he was dirty dancing with every molecule of air within a four-foot radius of his body. That guy looked fresh from MTV's old dance show, "The Grind!" Anyway, if you missed this show, just go pick up a copy of False Cathedrals. It's an amazing album with some great art direction as well. And if you want to know what it feels like to experience a live Elliott show, just pop in the disc, turn down the halogen lamp, and emo dance the night away in your living room until you cry. (Mary Carradine)


Photo courtesy of Elliottintransit.com.

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