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Live: Sharks and Sailors Blast Out of Houston

Sharks and Sailors pic #1
In downtown Houston, I've lately spotted a number of music fans sporting t-shirts celebrating the local band Sharks and Sailors. Intrigued, I was able to catch their live show one night at The Proletariat (on Richmond near Montrose). The show I attended was just one day in their media-publicized, four-day mini tour, where four different bands from four different cities in our fair state (Houston, Ft. Worth, Denton and Austin) all joined together to play in one anotheršs home towns.
Sharks and Sailors is doing much more, though. As of the end of May, they've taken off to travel out of Texas and into the Midwest, going cross-country. It'll be their first large tour and after hearing their solid and unique sound, I have no doubt they they'll be able to make a name for themselves countrywide.
Live, Sharks and Sailors has a combined vocal effort between band members. Allen Hendrix and Michael Rollin are the guitar players, while Melissa Longchambon plays bass and Phillip Woodward plays the drums. I was blown away by the power and skill of Lonchambon, in particular, as she belted out lyrics while keeping a tight bass performance going, all the while making it appear as though it was the easiest thing in the world for her to do. Besides, I refuse to go without mentioning that most everyone loves seeing a chick in a band -- her natural beauty is amplified by her clear talent in this male-dominated, hard rock forum.
Woodward, for his part of the rhythm section, was solid and powerful, with unique timing that I saw catch the audience's ear, bringing them a little closer to the stage to feel more involved in this attention-grabbing performance. His energy level and showmanship was remarkable. For an added bang of entertainment at the finale, Phil toppled his drum kit over onto the stage at the closing moment of the final song. Of course, I have to mention that his studly stage presence is already gaining groupie support...
I always enjoy watching the hands of guitarists as their fingers connect in a beautiful dance with the strings of their instruments and was very impressed with the skillful collaboration between guitarists Hendrix and Rollin. Their alluring riffs resonated through the Proletariat that night, enriching the vibe of the club. These guys (and girl) are going to be the "big boys" (and girl) of whatever show they play. END
Sharks and Sailors are currently wrapping up their jaunt through America's Heartland and will be gracing the Houston stage once again on June 9th, 2006, at Walter's on Washington (4215 Washington) with The Jonx and motion turns it on. It's going to be a damn good show...