Live: Alice Cooper -- Psycho Dramatics

Alice Cooper pic #1

VERIZON WIRELESS THEATER -- 10/22/2007: Leaving a stage littered with faux blood and body parts in his wake, Vincent Furnier, a.k.a. Alice Cooper, brought his classic form of heavy metal shock rock to an overflowing crowd of adoring fans on October 22nd at the Verizon Wireless Theater.
It's been over forty years since the black-eyelinered Cooper revamped his mid-sixties psychedelic-based rock act into the standard musical fare of past FM hits that effectively put him of the map, recording-wise, with the much-fanfared release of his Love It To Death album in 1971. Over the years, he and his band have since amassed one of the most enviable chains of recognizable songs in the hard rock market. Though his present show might have seemed somewhat tame by modern standards, it must be remembered that he was one of the pioneering artists in mixing heavy metal sounds with macabre stage choreography.
Complete with several costume changes and scene alters, Cooper's Psycho Drama Tour concert combined his familiar wide-ranged, gravelly vocals with his schizophrenic and sarcastic musical take on an array of topics, from necrophilia to cryogenics. Backed by an impressive infusion of younger musicians pounding out highly-amplified raw layerings of guitar and drums, Cooper led the group through a relentless, non-stop entourage of hits that included every song off his Greatest Hits album save one. Stand-out tunes like "No More Mr. Nice Guy," "School's Out," and "I'm Eighteen" were greeted with deafening cheers from the overwhelmingly packed house.
The act took an even darker turn in mid-set, showcasing a virtual return of the welcome to Cooper's famous nightmare-based material, featuring "Cold Ethyl," "Only Women Bleed," "Dead Babies," "Steven," and others. More obscure songs like "Halo Of Flies" and "Ballad Of Dwight Fry" set the stage for a straight-jacket-clad Cooper to be led through a mock hanging in dramatic climax.
As if this weren't already enough to satiate even the hardiest of fans, Cooper put the icing on the cake by rolling-out "Elected," complete with dancing politician figures and a grand comedic call to vote for Alice Cooper For President. Making much ado about saber rattling and passing out Billion Dollar Baby play money, the American flag-waving singer finally postured for his final encore curtain call, shouting out, "God bless America! Houston, have a Happy Halloween!" It was an absolutely fantastic show.
Even after a formidable four-decade career of grueling and ghoulish touring, Alice Cooper still has every insane ounce of his energy still intact and never disappoints. END