Crystal Cats & LotR:
Dan Deacon Comes (Back) to H-town

Dan Deacon pic #1
Photo by Uli Loskot, courtesy of Carpark Records.
When you first see a name listed on a show site or poster like Dan Deacon, you probably have thoughts in your head of someone pouring their heart out over an acoustic guitar into a smoke-filled room. That would not be what to expect when you come to Walter's on Washington on September 24th, however. Dan Deacon is a one-man dance party full of techno fury and sampling rage. Essentially, you're going to have fun or just be straight out shocked. In either case, you'll be blown away. As Dan Deacon is not your typical singer/song-writer, you shouldn't really know what to expect unless you have seen him perform live before.
"I hate expectations. people should go with an open mind, not building up something in their head. mind head." -- Dan Deacon
So why do we see a name like Dan Deacon on a flyer, as opposed to some cool, hip, techno-sounding name? As Deacon puts it himself, "I like my name." Well...whatever can scare the ever-loving beejesus out of a bunch of kids expecting to hear "Kumbaya."
Though Baltimore itself boasts a thriving music scene these days (Deacon says playing at home is: "...like 10000 suns exploding into all dogs taking up all possible space throughout existence."), you may also know Dan Deacon for his appearance on a local NBC affiliate. "I was too tired for it to hit me at the time," says Deacon. "It was weird." What was he doing on there? I think the better question is, "how have you still not been made aware of him yet?"
Maybe he needs an album title like Spider-Man of the Rings to catch your attention. Surely you can recognize Spider-Man or the Lord of the Rings reference, right? But don't worry, his shows are not just for the comic book- and fantasy-loving kind. "There are geeks. But there are also many non-geeks. Breakdown your boundaries," explains Deacon.
But for the geeks out there, what does Dan Deacon think about Spider-Man being unmasked? (Sorry, I just had to know.) "It was total bullshit," Deacon proclaims. "Even more bullshit was Venom being unmasked. What the fuck?" Indeed.
Dan Deacon plays Walter's On Washington on September 24th. For a mere $8, what else better do you really have to do? END
Dan Deacon record cover

Dan Deacon plays Monday, September 24th at Walter's on Washington (4215 Washington Ave., Houston, TX. 77007), along with White Williams.