Free Press Houston

Man…those crazy FPH folks make me jealous (not to mention lazy & slow). In the now-several years it’s been around, the Free Press Houston has grown from a hearts-in-the-right-place local Public News-style B&W music/etc. paper…


Ran across this one fairly randomly, and I have to say, it’s pretty cool. It’s mostly focused on art, but the Case crew hits on music, too — interviews with Henry Rollins, GZA, The Faint, Sage Francis, & Girl Talk mashed in between…

My Table: Houston’s Dining Magazine

Yeah, yeah — so, My Table doesn’t have a damn thing to do with music; so what? Few people who live here even notice it, but Houston has some of the best restaurants in the whole country, and some of the really good ones…

RAGE Magazine

Yup, the “Richmond Area Guide to Entertainment,” in-house rag of Richmond Strip kingpin Dennis Lange. And surprise, surprise – guess how many of the bands in the magazine are bands Dennis manages? Anyway, as magazines covering local music go, it’s not great…

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