I Came Here To Tell You I Hated It

This one’s not really a zine, honestly; it’s actually a collection of a comic strip called “Mole Holes,” which is/was published in the University of Houston‘s Daily Cougar and revolves/revolved around two moles…

Pussy Cuntrol

Yeah, yeah, I know — when I brought this zine home from the Zine Fest, I immediately had to hide it from the midgets, for fear that they’d read the title and yell it gleefully throughout the house. That would’ve been bad…


Picked the inaugural issue of Ciclo up a few years ago now, and I’m not sure there ever was a second. Which is somewhat of a shame, since it’s pretty interesting; there’s a lot in there about Latino culture in general, and a pretty hefty mission statement…

Love + Death

This is an intriguing one; it’s a seriously, seriously personal zine that’s more like a confessional comic book than anything else — think Maus or Joe Sacco’s work, only Love + Death is the story of one very complicated, insecure kid…


Never actually seen this one, sadly, but it sounds cool, at least — it’s supposedly a black-and-white, old-school Xeroxed zine, created by renowned paste-art icon GIVE UP. It’s on its 10th issue now, supposedly…


“spacedcityblog” at “gmail dot com”

Mystic Thoughts Music

Corey Deiterman

bear parade

“bearparade” at “gmail dot com”

Glass Mountain: The Undergraduate Literary Journal at the University of Houston

University of Houston Department of English Houston, TX. 77204 “glassmountaineditors” at “gmail dot com”

Post Punk’d

“postpunkedhouston” at “gmail dot com”


A very cool, cool little (and I mean “little” in terms of physical size, not in terms of its reach & all that) magazine — covering Houston and Austin these days, I think — that focuses on awesome, entertaining art, music, & food, among other things…


Blake Butler “blake” at “htmlgiant dot com” Submissions: “submissions” at “htmlgiant dot com”

No Funeral

Huntsville, TX. “no-funeral” at “hotmail dot com”

when the sun hits.

“whenthesunhitsblog” at “gmail dot com”

Pretty Riot

Jessica “Jessica” at “PrettyRiot dot com”

Objectif Magazine

Day & A Dream

“brandojcaldwell06” at “yahoo dot com” Music Submissions: “dayandadreammusic” at “gmail dot com”


801 Texas Ave. Houston, TX. 77002 info” at “29-95 dot com”

Role A|F|M

Swamp Bats

Trackstar Laxative

“trackstarlaxative” at “gmail dot com”


The Loop Scoop

“Contact” at “TheLoopScoop dot com”


“thehiphopeffect” at “gmail dot com”

Worship Guitars

Don’t have a real-world address for this one, but that’s okay, ’cause I think this is a web-only ‘zine. It’s a combination zine/record label, actually, run by Ramon Medina (who plays in The Linus Pauling Quartet and used to do the KTRU Local Show before Justin Crane)…

The Undiscovered Country

Not completely sure this is still around, but it was in existence at least up to 2004, so I’m leaving it here for now. The Undiscovered Country‘s this dark, kinda morbid lit/music-zine, run by two guys named L. B. Noire and S. R. Prozak

Giant Steps

I’ve been seriously missing a good personal zine, I have to say — there’ve been only a few I’ve ever run across that were really, really cool, and this one’s climbing its way into that list. It helps that the guy behind the zine is Kirke Campbell


2101 Winter Street, Studio B11 Houston, TX. 77007 Mailing Address: P.O. Box 66494 Houston, TX. 77266-6494 713-868-1839 “info” at “spacetaker dot org”

The Red Pub Magazine

P.O. Box 70207 Houston, TX. 77270-0207 “contact” at “theredpub.com”

Public News

Ah, the PN. I can still remember the first time I ever read it, way back when I’d just started college – it was my first exposure to nipple rings, music columns, and hot-sex ads. Pretty damn cool…

NANO Fiction

Haven’t been able to check out a hard copy of this one out yet, but it sounds pretty neat — it’s apparently a real-live literary journal, but unlike a lot of the ones I’ve seen, it’s a nonprofit, run by a bunch of University of Houston undergrads…

Houston Punk

Gotta love a straight-up save-the-scene punk zine, and Houston Punk is just that. For as rough & raw as it is, the zine’s creators (which apparently sometimes includes Room 101‘s Roburt Reynolds)…


Film Monitor

This one’s pretty unique; ran across it at the 2008 Zine Fest deal at The Shady Tavern and was immediately impressed as hell. It’s teeny-tiny (literally only 8 pages, including the cover), but very nicely done, laid out well & a hell of a lot more legible…

Ditch Water

Man, I love this one. Not much in the way of words, it’s true — Ditch Water the first-ever photo zine I’ve seen in this city, and in an age of all-electronic-ness it’s a breath of freakin’ old-school fresh air. See, this is a real photo zine…

Arcade Zine Distro

Not a zine, per se, but a zine distro, which I generally find to be almost cooler. They’re still starting out, it looks like, but they’ve got a bunch of stuff in stock, a lot of which I’ve never heard of; they’re not all music-related…

Zillah’s Lamp

Bear Wilder 6633 W. Airport Blvd., #701 Houston, TX. 77035 (713) 729-3522 “zillahslamp” at “hotmail.com”


002houston started out, I think, as an “advertising supplement” of the city’s lone “big” newspaper, the Chronicle, but it’s grown & expanded over the past several years…

Made In USA

Okay, so I have no idea what the fuck this zine’s about. Hell, I’m not even sure the name’s Made In USA — for the longest time, I thought it was actually called Fail, since that’s what it says on the cover…

I Am Relevant

Only seen one issue so far (from October ’07), and it appears to be the first, judging by the introductory manifestos from zine authors Ema & Sara. It’s a small-ish zine, but it makes me nostalgic for the Good Old Days of Zinedom…

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