Mel House, serious musician

MEL HOUSE (Co-Publisher/Contributing Writer): Mel is a independent filmmaker based in Houston, TX, with many feature films, music videos, and commercials to his credit. He most recently finished his gory magnum opus, Closet Space (, which is a weird, Lovecraftian monster-fest (albeit one with relatively tight purse strings). Up next...Closet Space 2, of course. Mel firmly believes that A Nightmare on Elm Street, Ringu, Dawn Of The Dead (Romero's, of course), Oldboy, and Donnie Darko are among the greatest cinematic achievements of the last 30 years. In addition to being a morbid, horror-loving sociopath, Mel is also one a' them musician types. After doing time in such illustrious outfits as Inbred Whiteboy, Pierce Elevated, and Drowning In February, Mel is currently trying to put together a new group. Unfortunately, he keeps hearing things like "your playing is too metal for me." (You can write to him at "upstartfilm" at "sbcglobal dot net".)



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