Before the Flood: Images From FPSF 2017

Now that the floodwaters have receded (mostly), and things have finally started to cool down (temporarily), we figured it was way past time to look backwards to happier days (again, mostly), namely to this past summer’s FPSF, back when we didn’t know who in the hell “Harvey” was, we weren’t all experts at ripping out drywall and carpet, and all we had to worry about when it rained was the nasty smell coming out of the corner drains. Oh, and music festivals being, um, canceled because of lightning. Man. Those were happy times, weren’t they?

Anyway. SCR was there, and I took pictures until they kicked us out. Enjoy.

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(All photos by Jason Smith.)

Live review by . Live review posted Wednesday, November 8th, 2017. Filed under Features, Live Reviews.

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