Something Wicked Brings Nostalgic Chills (Oh, and EDM) to H-town

12ce9597-something-wicked-2016-lineup-posterY’know, after last year, I was afraid Something Wicked was done for; when they had to cancel due to the torrential downpour hitting the area, people were pissed.

Granted, organizers of something like this can’t predict the weather, particularly months and months in advance, and you can only make so many contingency plans, but still… Honestly, I figured the subsequent outcry from the local (and even non-local EDM community) could damage the festival’s future chances.

Here we are, though, a year on, and heading into what looks to be a pretty spectacular — if delayed — festival full of electronic music this Saturday and Sunday, October 29th & 30th out at Sam Houston Race Park. To celebrate (and, obviously, entice festival-goers), the Something Wicked crew put together this excellent short film, which manages to be both a promo for the fest and a loving tribute to cheeseball B-movie horror flicks:

The lineup itself is nothing to sneeze at, of course. I’ll admit to being a relative EDM neophyte (most of what I know comes from my 12-year-old, who loves this stuff way more than I do), but I’ve been impressed by Diplo and A-Trak, in particular, and I like Canadian DJ Excision (who lent his music to the video above) and Keys N Krates quite a bit, too. I like, by the way, that the stages are somewhat “themed” — dunno if that’s been done in the past or not — with trance-ish stuff at Mystic Meadows, the bigger-name acts at Shadowlands, and the low-end stuff at the Bass Crypt.

For her part, my kid is a huge Slushii fan, and dearly loves Marshmello and 3LAU, as well. Check out the full schedule over here. And yes, she’s dying to know that all three are playing this weekend, and she can’t go, being that she’s got a few years ’til she’s 18. Ah, well…

Anyway, there you go — keep your fingers crossed for the weather, and get on out there.

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