Weekend Festival Madness (Pt. 2): End Hip End It Brings Psych to Old Town Spring

14502742_1338040816236432_4378190388965374824_nAnd here we are, again, with the second of this weekend’s several festivals, this time way up north of town in Old Town Spring. It’s a brand new one called End Hip End It (the joke of which I just got), and unlike most of our local music festivals, it’s actually got a fairly narrow focus, lasering in on all musical subgenres psychedelic.

Now, the bad part is that because I’m a stupid-ass slacker, the show’s already been going for a few hours now (it started at 11AM, I believe), but dammit, if you are a fan of psych rock, doom metal, stoner rock, sludge rock, garage-psych, or anything else in that realm, you should still get your ass on up to Spring.

There’s a whole bunch of excellent people playing, from cool headliners like Ghostland Observatory and Ruby The Hatchet (the latter of whom I’ve only heard of, I must confess, but I’ve heard good things) on down to excellent local folks like Doomstress and Mikey & the Drags (both of whom I just now saw have already played; fuck…).

I’m particularly psyched (ba-dm-ch!) to see excellent retro-psych guys Radio Moscow, swamp-metal heroes Black Tusk, whom I’ve seen and been seriously impressed by, trippy, Afrobeat-gone-spacerock Golden Dawn Arkestra (and yeah, you can guess there’s a Sun Ra influence going on there), H-town’s own old-school metal dudes Venomous Maximus, Austin fuzz-rockers Amplified Heat, and Northside Americana/roots-rock band Folk Family Revival on the bill. Oh, and I can’t leave off Funeral Horse, Chase Hamblin, Muddy Belle, Los Skarnales, & A Tribute to the Sun, since I’m talking about local folks.

Plus, there’re a bunch of folks I’ve been wanting to check out more, namely Night Beats and Beware of Darkness, both of whom I’ve liked in small doses so far but who I have yet to seriously get into… The full lineup is here, for those who feel like checking.

On top of all that other stuff, there’re also vendors, a Halloween costume contest, food trucks, live art shows, charity auctions, beer tastings, and a bunch of other stuff. And, of course, we’re talking about a music festival in Old Town Spring, which is neat in and of itself. All together, it looks like a good damn time.

Remember: I may be late, but you’re not, so get on the road now…

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