FPSF 2016 Preview: Moving Units

movingunits1In preparation for their appearance Sunday, June 5th, over at NRG Park for Free Press Summer Festival 2016, SCR sat down to throw some questions at Blake Miller, frontman of L.A. band Moving Units.


SCR: So, tell me a little about the band…
Blake Miller: We’re based out of Los Angles — actually, I live in Silver Lake, so I guess we’re more of a Silver Lake band. I’m originally from Detroit but relocated years ago. Began forming bands at 12 years old. When I was working at an independent record store, I really got into some indie bands, like Pension, they inspired me. A little after that, I started going into the studio and just laying out a blueprint and passing out demos. Then people started coming to me and the band gradually evolved.

Around what time did Moving Units form?
Not really any particular time, but around 2002 other bands started inviting us to tour with them.

Tell me a little about your new album, Damaged With Care.
It was inspired to channel a sonic approach used back in the early days, more punk with reverb, going back to raw and natural. It’s our fourth album. Raw, natural instrumentation with polished production value. Just taking that raw performance to a modern recording mix.

What are your influences?
Punk, avant-garde, underground, tam, dub, and indie flavor of Joy Division, the Strokes, and The Faint.

movingunits3What do you hope to evoke in your audience?
Interest and perception. True to what inspires, a self-awareness. Induce a dance party for a connection with the audience. Mood, atmosphere, and spontaneity.

When did you guys begin touring?
We just started the kick-off May 26th and we are headed East.

Were you a problem child in high school?
Not necessarily a problem, I just had no interest in the classroom, an ADHD kid. I was horrible at mathematics, was into literature and theatre.

Do you call your mom a lot?
My parents are really supportive, although they weren’t in the past, y’know — I came from this suburban middle-class life and was having to scrape to pay rent and stay out of trouble while enjoying my craft. It took some time before I was getting paid. I dreamed about doing it all my life.

If you don’t mind me asking, what’s your age group?
I’m the old guy, 40s, all the other guys are in their 20s. I guess I’m sort of a weird New Aged hipster.

What did you do for a day job before this?
I had a double life as an electronic DJ in the 2000s, and then suddenly I found myself playing EDM festivals, and it just graduated from there.

What do you enjoy about performing before an audience like Free Press Summer Fest?
I love performing in front of a crowd that hasn’t heard of us.

And I’m sure they will love you back, Blake and Moving Units! END

[Moving Units is playing at 1:50PM on 6/5/16, at the Mercury Stage of Free Press Summer Festival 2016 in NRG Park, along with a crap-ton of other cool-ass bands.]

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