Tonight: The Wheel Workers Tour Kick-Off Extravaganza, Up at Walter’s

12525313_1057109137682902_6935380169263933775_o (2)This is one hell of a busy weekend, it’s true, but there’re some cool things that rise to the top of my personal little list, at least. One of those things is happening tonight — Saturday, May 28th, that is — up at Walter’s, where utterly awesome band The Wheel Workers will be celebrating the start of their summer tour with some excellent friends of theirs.

For those who don’t know, the Workers are more a music-making machine than a band, I swear, having recorded and released more albums in the span of a couple of years than most bands ever put out in their lifetime, and they do that one better by making damn near everything they release freaking amazing. Last year’s LP, Citizens, was no exception, honing the band’s trademark smart, literate indie-rock to a sharp, sharp edge like they’d never really had previously; it’s just as political and deft as their earlier work, but with a bit more anger to it, it seems like.

And now there’s “Silly Boy,” a new track “leaked” from the band’s forthcoming followup album. It’s raw and fast and addictive, barely keeping the wheels on the road, with frontman Steven Higginbotham coming off like Dave Grohl at his most desperate-sounding, his voice cracking in the best way possible. Meanwhile, the guitars pummel you into oblivion, sounding like fellow H-town heroes Something Fierce more than anything else, and the bass and drums keep things propulsive and driving.

Check it out (and then download it for a pay-what-you-want price from Bandcamp):

While I’m at it, I’ve been horribly remiss in posting about the WW’s amazing, quirky videos, which they keep cranking out nearly as fast as the music itself. So I’m just gonna bombard you with two of ’em at once, alright? Here’re you go, with one spacey-themed, thoughtful video for the mellow-yet-bitter “Whole New World” (done by up-and-coming director Jerry Ochoa) and the heist-gone-wrong video for the snarling (with synths!) “Burglar”:

On top of the Wheel Workers themselves, mind you, there’re those special friends I mentioned earlier, namely Austin space-rock dudes My Education — who put on a hell of a show, by the by, despite being pretty laidback and chilled-out — cool drone-rockers A Sundae Drive — who, yes, also put on a hell of a show, and are the sweetest folks you’ll ever meet — and Dentonites Criminal Birds, who I’m afraid I’m not real familiar with. All in all, it’s a damn good bill, so get there early.

The tickets are $10 at the door, it’s all ages, and things kick off at 8PM; be there, right?

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