HPMA 2015 Nominations Live; Get Your Picks In Before Midnight

hpmalogo_2015-june22Hey, folks — yes, we’ve rolled around to that time again, when H-town gets together to pick the local cream of the crop, as it were, of our city’s burgeoning-but-underground (and yeah, we don’t give a damn if you recognize it) music scene. The nominations are now wide, wide open for this year’s edition of the Houston Press Music Awards, which means that any of you out there who like to bitch and moan about the nominees each year had better get off your respective asses and nominate, alright?

Okay, so I’ve been one of those aforementioned bitchers and moaners in years past, but I have to give a big hand to the Houston Press crew (led by indefatigable Music Editor Chris Gray) for working each year at being both inclusive and representative. They’ve hit major pitfalls in years past where either things have been too “elitist,” with only a select handful of people getting any kind of say in who gets on the ballot, or too populist, with particularly social media-savvy artists being able to mobilize their fanbase (and yep, kudos to them for being able to do that) and those who eschew the online stuff falling off completely.

Like last year, this year the HP is again embracing a do-it-all methodology when it comes to the nominations, gathering both picks from a group of local folks who listen to local bands (full disclosure: yes, I was one of those invited, which made me melt my damn brain for several hours the other night) and Joe Music Fan out there amongst Tha Interwebz.

In case you didn’t get it already, that latter group means you, Dear Reader. So if you’ve got some burning need to see Awesomest Band Ever X get on the ballot this year, hey, throw your comment in the ring on over here. No guarantee your pick will make the cut, but hey (and trust me, not all of mine will, either).

You’ve got until midnight tonight (right between Tuesday, June 23rd, and Wednesday, June 24th) to have your say; after that, you’ll just have to hope for a write-in once the voting starts. Get to it…

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