Tonight: Wonky Power Presents the Knights of the Fire Kingdom, Live on Video

10155229_790304911053295_2877569409298437815_nAlrighty; been on vacation of late, both out of town and offline, and I know I’ve missed quite a bit — apologies for that, folks. Trying to pick things up again now, though, and I figured I’d start with a musical-type thing tonight (Wed., March 25th, that is) that’s a bit of a twofer…

I’ve been meaning to talk some more about the burgeoning font of coolness that is Wonky Power Records for a little while now, but it never really seemed like the right time ’til now. WPR is a label of sorts, started up by Mario Rodriguez (Tax the Wolf, Bang Bangz, and Satellite D’Homme), and the crew who runs the show are apparently workaholics, because they’ve barely stopped moving since they started.

Not only are they working on releases by excellent, mostly-local folks and promoting the heck out of said folks, but they’ve also started booking shows at their Wonky Power Live venue off Navigation (3534 Navigation), posting music videos of their bands, and now, their Wonky Power Live Sessions series of interview/performances, filmed live and released on the label’s own YouTube channel.

They’ve done one session so far, with the excellent BLSHS — you can (and should) check that out over here — and tonight at 9PM CST, they’ll be doing their second-ever session, this time with rock badasses Knights of the Fire Kingdom. There’ll be a bit of a Q&A, and then Jeoaf and his crew will explode out of the speakers and made your eyes burst (in a good way).

Of course, you can’t just jump up and watch the show right now, mind you, since it hasn’t happened yet; this deal is live, people. So tune in tonight at 9, clicky-click the “Play” button below, and become very, very happy:

There you go — kudos to Mario and his Wonky Power gang for doing this; it’s a very cool-sounding thing, and I’ve got my fingers tightly crossed that they keep it going…

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