Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: The Swingin’ Dicks + Funeral Horse + Miami Dolphins + Cop Warmth + Jon Patrick + Adam Bricks + More

10628887_10204384667008324_8666812044940328682_oYours truly is still recovering from hopping up and down and screaming like a teenager last night at Fitz for We Were Promised Jetpacks, but if you’ve got a tougher constitution than my old ass, hey, there’s still stuff to do tonight, Friday, November 14th.

First off, though, tonight and tomorrow (Sat., November 15th) are supposed to be the Houston installment of the Downtown Festival, the roving festival series put together by the folks at Downtown Records. Unfortunately, their Website still says “Coming soon…” for the actual lineup of the the whole thing, and their Facebook page and Twitter feed don’t give any help, either. Hrm.

It’s a bummer, because lineups in other cities have been pretty damn cool — I dunno if it’ll actually be happening or not for our city…

Anyway, here’s what looks cool for tonight:

Savage Master/The Swingin’ Dicks/Funeral Horse/Emerald Heavy @ Rudyard’s
Top of the list is this lineup at Rudyard’s, packed full of heavy, raw, metal-ish bands who all play at pretty much ear-destroying volumes. Headlining is Kentucky metal band Savage Master, who I’m not real familiar with but who I’ve heard very good things about, but they’re playing with a much more familiar name, The Swingin’ Dicks — they’re a Dallas band I remember hearing back in the late ’90s, and they’re really damn good.

Beyond that, they’ve got Funeral Horse as openers, and I truly love those guys — Paul Bearer and his gang play some badass, doom-tinged metal/stoner-rock, which comes off like a great cross between Mudhoney sludge and Omotai heaviness. The band’s 2014 debut album Sinister Rites of the Master is excellent; definitely check it — and them — out.

Miami Dolphins/Unwed Teenage Mothers/Cop Warmth/John Patrick @ Mango’s
Mango’s has a damn cool noise-ish show going on, with badass Minneapolis rockers Miami Dolphins (not to be confused with the NFL team, obviously) joining forces with Mississippi band Unwed Teenage Mothers and local noisemakers Cop Warmth, plus longtime garage-rock dude Jon Patrick. I haven’t heard his latest stuff, but pretty much everything he’s done before now has been damn good.

Willy Collins Band/Adam Bricks/Bonneville Night Life @ Bohemeo’s
Last of the bunch is this up at Bohemeo’s, a place I keep meaning to go to but haven’t ever had the chance to check out. This evening they’ve got the Willy Collins Band playing, and I’ve heard good things about Bonneville Night Life, but I’m a big fan of urban NYC-bred folksinger Adam Bricks; his particular kind of folk is Dylanesque but nowhere near the ’60s; he’s damn good.

Rosie Flores @ McGonigel’s Mucky Duck
Wayne “The Train” Hancock/Sam Navarro & the Lonestar Devils/Sean Reefer & the Resin Valley Boys @ The Scout Bar (Clear Lake)
Kemo For Emo/The JFK Suicide Theory @ Union Tavern (Clear Lake)
Kaleidoscope, featuring Thor, SPI, ArsonL, Dizzy III, Rob Bass, Vandal Heart, Trill Nye, Upgreyed, Hooligan, Kilometers, Slim3Freak, Sloppy Joe, & Buda Love @ The Silo (4601 Clinton)

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