Coming Up: First Annual Scorpio Party Awesomeness, This Saturday

1902969_10208398730068668_442220747212191803_nAlright, people — this coming weekend is going be insane, frankly, and I wanted to point a finger at a particularly cool show that’s going on, so it doesn’t get swallowed up in the giant pile of other Cool Things to Do…

See, tomorrow, Saturday, November 8th, happens to be the day o’ birth of Ian Hlavacek, lead guitarist for badass indie-rock band Jealous Creatures (whom I love dearly), and he’s set up a cool, cool show over at Bohemeo’s to celebrate not only his birthday but the birthdays of other musical-type friends who happen to be born under the sign of Scorpio.

The Creatures headline, naturally, and you’ll definitely want to stick around for that — their rough-edged, Cowboy Junkies-meets-Bob Mould breed of rock is truly great, combining frontwoman Sarah Hirsch‘s smoky, beautiful vocals with Hlavacek’s Western-tinged guitars and some surprisingly thundering rhythms from drummer Josh Barry and bassist Meghan Anderson into something that’s not quite like anything I’ve heard anywhere else. (No, seriously.)

Before they hit the stage, though, there’re some other extremely cool people playing, like excellent Latin-tinged rockers La Sien, murky, hazy, soulful electro-rock band PuraPharm — who are really damn impressive live, BTW, and who I’m really wishing would put out an album — and best of all (to my mind, anyway), sly-smiling, ’90s-ish shoegazers A Sundae Drive, who recently released a split-7″ with College Station’s Ex-Optimists (where they came off sounding like the poppier side of Sonic Youth) and are gearing up to release their long-awaited full-length.

I don’t know much about a couple of the names on the bill, I’m afraid, namely Lafayette band ElectroVeldt and Fort Worth trio Missing Sibling. If Ian vouches for ’em, though, odds are that they’re worth watching, y’know?

Now, I could blather on for a while longer, but really, I’d rather let the Creatures (and their pet scorpion) do the rest of the talking:

2014 Scorpio Party – Bohemeo’s – November 8 from Jealous Creatures on Vimeo.

So, there you go. Get on out to Telephone & Lockwood, tomorrow night…

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