Video Time: Brand-New Video Out Now From Glass The Sky (and Jerry Ochoa!)

Some cool news today that I wanted to share/disseminate/etc… After a while spent quietly working away on their forthcoming full-length, excellent indie-rock band Glass the Sky have resurfaced, not only with brand-new single “Touch,” but also a video for said brand-new single.

The video debuted today over on movie-stuff site Badass Digest, apparently thanks to the efforts of video director Jerry Ochoa, who you might know mostly from his more strictly musical work in Two Star Symphony but whose other passion is filmmaking.

He did a truly creepy video for TSS’s “The Ninth Level” last year, and while he’s staying true to the general horror-flick realm with “Touch,” he’s going a bit more old-school. The Glass the Sky video takes the tried-and-true Frankenstein tale and drags it into the (mostly) modern world, painting an oddly touching picture of a desperate man trying to (re-?)build the woman he loves and give her life, and after watching, yeah, it makes a whole lot more sense to see this premiere someplace like Badass Digest.

As for the song itself, it’s gorgeous and elegaic, a fragile-yet-grand piece of orchestral, midtempo rock that’s a lot less playful and more somber and yearning than the band’s previous work. It comes off almost like early Radiohead if they were more into jazz than prog-rock, and with the delicate, minimal piano, I keep expecting singer Eric Lungstrum to break into Gary Jules’ cover of “Mad World”. (That’s not a bad thing, mind you.) It’s halting and tentative at times, but that only makes it work even better with the quasi-amoral-yet-poignant visuals. Take a look/listen:

Of course, you can also buy the song itself, over at the band’s Bandcamp site, and I’d wholeheartedly encourage you to do so, because, well, re-read that previous paragraph. It’s a measly $1, so y’know.

I’ll definitely be keeping an ear/eye out for the actual album, as well — I’m very psyched to hear it. Oh, and mark your calendars for December 19th, because that’s when the band will be finally playing live again, over at Walter’s with fellow cool people Deep Cuts, The Sour Notes, Whit, and Wonderbitch.

I’ve only seen this band live once, I have to admit (in part because they don’t do shows all that often), but it was utterly mesmerizing. Standing up in the fog on the tiny Alley Kat stage, where I’m guessing they couldn’t hear very well over their own instruments or the crowd, they nevertheless managed to create this four-part vocal harmony that was damn near the best I’ve ever heard. Seriously, it was amazing; my jaw dropped to witness it. Don’t miss out, alright?

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