Yr. (Abbreviated) Weekend, Pt. 1 (aka Jeremy’s Sick & Can’t Do a Real Rundown Tonight)

Argh. Your Dear Editor, friends and gentlepersons, is currently sick as a dog. I’ve been trying to get a few things online today, even still, but when it comes to the show listings for tonight — Friday, September 19th, that is — I’m afraid I just can’t do much. If you’re not already out & about tonight, here’s where you should go:

Deep Cuts (CD release)/Young Girls/LIMB/The Caldwell/Chemistry (final show!)/Lisa’s Sons @ Fitzgerald’s ($10)
Conor Oberst @ House of Blues
Clory Martin/Second Lovers/The Panhandlers/Ma and God/Giant Kitty @ Alley Kat Bar & Lounge
Girl In A Coma/Nick Gaitan & The Umbrella Man/DJ Twinkle Toes @ Last Concert Cafe
Tex Kershen’s Please Yourself, featuring Joshua Cordova, John Calero, Jane Mast, & a slew of artists @ Self Actualization (2800 San Jacinto)
Jesse’s Birthday Show, featuring Sketch/Driven, Puppet, Ars Nova, Heavy Blue, Kairos Theos, Meraki/Toska, Silver Blueberry, !Blunt!, Worst Nightmare, Rome Hero Foxes, & Find Balace @ Harrisburg Studios (6719 Harrisburg; 8PM, $3)
Soul Track Mind @ The Continental Club
A Fistful of Soul 5th Anniversary Party, featuring A Fistful of Soul DJs, Brett Koshkin, & Topper James @ The Big Top
Nails/Code Orange Kids/Twitching Tongues/Die Young @ Walter’s
Houston Vintage 2014 Preview Party, featuring The Motion @ The 1940 Air Terminal Museum (8325 Travelair St.)
The Generator’s Playground, featuring Juan Silva (mem. of GoRealAh Soul), Cymphoni Fantastique, ROAMcadaver, Kristal Cherelle, Park Ride, & Orchids in Bloom @ Houston Food Park (1504 St. Emanuel)
Jack Russell’s Great White @ The Concert Pub North
Whorehound/Bowel/Brian’s Johnson/Supergrave @ Rudyard’s
ElectroDubTrapStep XIX: Return of the Lazers, featuring Suran, Parker Clark, Elemir, Coquet, KB-Nasty, Chris Vipe, Mateusz, Kaito, DJ Fug-Ue, Mitch-Fu, & DJ Weezar @ Stereo Live
Downfall 2012/ERASEtheVIRUS/The Vail/Vanilla Sugar @ Acadia Bar & Grill

Gonna get it together soon, y’all, I promise. I’m going to have to go sleep very shortly, it feels like…

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