Technical Difficulties, (Hopefully) Now Resolved…

Hey, folks — thanks to the keen attention of two SCR readers/commenters, we learned of a fairly massive technical issue with the Website, one that’s been going on, apparently, since April. Argh.

If you’re a Firefox or Internet Explorer user, and you’ve visited the site’s Shows page at any time within the past two months, you may have only seen shows from early April listed, making it seem like the site’s dead in the water. If you use Chrome, however (like I do), you’ll have seen us regularly updating the list, right up through this past weekend. It turns out that when yours truly disabled a caching mechanism on the site back in April, I stupidly neglected to actually clear the cache itself, and it seems that both FF and IE have been reading that cache ever since. Again: Argh.

At any rate, the issue should be fixed now. If anybody notices anything weird or hinky (and Bill, I’m still trying to figure out that other shows-list weirdness), please let us know either by commenting on the site, like the two helpful canaries did in this case, or by emailing us directly at “gaijin” at “spacecityrock dot com”. Thanks!

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