[UPDATED!] This Saturday: Satellite D’Homme Debuts (Lands?) at Fitzgerald’s (Plus Giveaway Time!)

SatelliteD'Homme-05UPDATE: Yep, and there we go; both pairs of tickets & posters have now been claimed by a couple of lucky Twitter & site followers. Thanks for participating, everybody!

Alright, so this may sound a little familiar, but…do you remember last month, when we got all psyched about the return of Roky Moon & BOLT!? Of course you do! And why in the hell am I bringing it up yet again?

Well, see, the show’s this weekend — Saturday, March 29th — up at Fitzgerald’s, and while Roky Moon & Co. are definitely a highlight of the night, they’re not the only one. See, the show will also be the official debut of Satellite D’Homme, a band I’d previously only heard a teeny-tiny bit of info about.

I’ve since gotten a bit more enlightened, courtesy of Mario Alberto Rodriguez from rock dudes Tax the Wolf, who let me know that yes, this is a new project with the TTW guys (meaning Mario, Adrian Graniel, Alan Garza, and Fernando Valdez) and Roderick Vonn and Wil Wayne from electro-soul duo Juzcoz (who’ve been around for a while now, but I’ve never managed to catch ’em live, unfortunately). The two groups have been friends, it seems, and like-minded musicians, so they figured it’d be cool to join forces and make something that kind of bridges the gap between the former’s proggy/spacey rock and the latter’s funky hip-hop/neo-soul.

They don’t have anything recorded quite yet, it sounds like, but here’s a clip from a recent rehearsal:

And to shed some light on the Juzcoz half of the equation, at least, Rodriguez’s just-starting-up record label, Wonky Power Records, did a cool little interview with Roderick & Wil:

And hey, if you want to go catch the band’s first-ever show, well, you’re in luck, because the Satellite D’Homme guys have offered up 2 pairs of tickets to SCR to give away. Even better, each pair of tickets comes with a pair of posters for the show for whoever the lucky winner happens to be.

As always, you can grab one of those two pairs of tickets/posters by doing any of the following three things:

  • Email us at “contests” at “spacecityrock dot com”, with the Subject line “Satellite of Man!”.
  • Comment on this here post on our Facebook page.
  • Reply to this here tweet on our Twitter feed.

Whoever happens to be first and second, hey, you win. Cool? And even if you don’t, you should get your ass on out to Fitz this Saturday anyway.

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