Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: You Ain’t Punk + The Wild Moccasins + Bakin’ Bacon Blues and Brews + MFAH Mixed Media + More

64d7e8143e160dae8b16942c08d92905Gonna have to keep it brief for tonight, Friday, January 31st, folks; it’s been a bit of a nonstop week for yours truly, and I’m still scrambling, even now. sigh. Don’t fret, though, because there’s still plenty of cool stuff to check out tonight, like, say, these shows:

You Ain’t Punk, featuring Hell City Kings (as Dead Boys), Bury the Crown (as The Descendents), Dead To The World (as Face to Face), The Swamps (as The Hellacopters), & This Year’s Tiger (as The Misfits) @ Fitzgerald’s
First up, Fitzgerald’s has a full night of throwback punk tribute awesomeness this evening for the latest installment of the now-venerable You Ain’t Punk series, where your favorite local punk/metal/whatever bands get to pay homage to their favorite (and yours, as well, if you’ve got any sense) non-local punk bands.

Tonight features some truly great local folks, notably sleazy metallic-garage-punks Hell City Kings, street-punk dudes Dead to the World, and awesomely rootsy, Avail-esque punk rockers This Year’s Tiger, among others, all playing your favorite old-school punk tunes. The thought of TYT as the Misfits is especially entertaining, at least to me…

Wild Moccasins @ Cactus Music (7PM)
A few early cool shows tonight, with the first one right here, a free show at Cactus Music with Houston’s own cool/sweet/smart indie-pop (edging lately towards indie-rock) band, The Wild Moccasins. If you have yet to hear these folks, you really need to, especially if you’re at all into pop a la Stars, Rilo Kiley, or their ilk. (And yes, I sure as hell am.) The band’s got a badass-looking new album due out in a week, folks, so get ready…

Bakin’ Bacon Blues and Brews, featuring Sherita Perez, Two Dollar Pistol, Marty Monte, Charles Bryant, Bruce Courtney, & lots and lots of bacon, including a bacon-themed fashion show @ Big Star Bar (7PM-12AM)
Okay, so I don’t know a lot of the bands playing, but holy fuck does this look awesome. I mean, c’mon: bacon. BAAAAAAAAACON. As the t-shirt says, it’s like meat candy, and dangit, I can’t help but love it in all its many forms. So I’m obviously up for any kind of wide-ranging celebration of the bacon-y arts like this one, although there is a part of me that cringes at the word “bacon” being right next to the words “fashion show.” Gah. Lots of Lady Gaga-style meat dresses? Not a clue. Either way, though, this should be damn entertaining.

1013167_10202942687517417_332745712_nMFAH Mixed Media, featuring Dam Funk & DJ Sun @ Museum of Fine Arts Houston (1001 Bissonnet; 8PM-12AM)
Finally, it looks like the Mixed Media series has fired up again back over at the MFAH, and that’s a very good thing, because there’s not a lot that’s cooler than chilling out looking at jaw-dropping art while excellent DJs — in this case, local icon DJ Sun — do their thing.

Honey and Salt/Blase/Mother Ghost/Hoofprints @ Mango’s ($7)
The Black and White Years/BLSHS @ Fitzgerald’s
Sensoria, featuring Scorpio, Ceeplus Bad Knives, & Mr. Castillo @ Clutch City Squire (410 Main)
Michael Schenker Group @ The Concert Pub North
The White Flags/Scientist/Lonely Hunter/Andrew James @ Dan Electro’s Guitar Bar
Handsomebeast/Muddy Belle/Mellow Riot @ Notsuoh ($3/$8)
Chinese New Year: Year of the Horse, featuring Muzak John, Thuy, The Annoysters, Caleb Fraid, & Larry Lorack @ Super Happy Fun Land
Adams Conducts Adams @ Jones Hall
Houston Creole Festival & Mardi Gras Parade, featuring Brian Jack @ Knights of Columbus Hall (6320 Madden)
R3hab/Surain/Alex Future @ Stereo Live
Space Rhino/”Downer”/The Trimms/Another Pearl Harbor @ The Scout Bar (Clear Lake)

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