Yr. Weekend, Pt. 3: Jealous Creatures + A Sundae Drive + Race to the Moon + David Ramirez + Swingin’ Utters + Blackmarket Syndicate + More

1379992_597376086971021_1610145080_nGahhhh. Late, late, late, again; sorry, y’all, but I spent the day away from the computer hanging out with family & old friends I haven’t seen in half a decade (at least), so y’know… I’m bummed that I missed out on the Paste Untapped Houston fest downtown today, but our own Jason Smith has been covering the shindig for SCR, so keep an eye out for pics & whatnot from that.

Despite the lateness, there is still some cool stuff going on tonight, Saturday, November 16th — here goes:

Jealous Creatures/Super Robot Party/A Sundae Drive/Hear You Me @ Rudyard’s
Hell, yes. Tonight at Rudz, there’s a damn, damn good pile of indie-rock awesomeness happening, with rough-edged, bluesy, moody rockers Jealous Creatures — who get better each time I see ’em — and the hazy, shoegaze-gone-rock crew A Sundae Drive, both of which I truly, truly love. Plus, there’s Super Robot Party & Hear You Me, both of which I’ve heard very, very good things about. And hey, it’s Rudz, so you’ve still got time to get up there…

Lion Among Men/Race to the Moon/Karma Payment Plan/Sleepless Paranoia @ Notsuoh ($5)
I’ll freely admit that I haven’t heard most of these folks, but I’ve heard excellent things about Lion Among Men and Race to the Moon — I’m particularly wanting to check out RttM, who I hear are kind of on the early-’90s throwback side of things, with a serious Dinosaur Jr. and Sebadoh influence going on in there. Plus, Notsuoh is always, always, always a fun, weird place to hang out.

Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors/David Ramirez/Penny and Sparrow @ Fitzgerald’s
I’m only kinda eh on Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors, I’m afraid — my wife’s a fan, but I’m only okay with ’em — but hot damn, David Ramirez is awesome. The man’s quickly turned into one of my absolute-favorite roots-country troubadours ever, picking up the roots-rock legacy of Steve Earle with his half-confessional story-songs and that gritty-yet-tuneful, cigarette-scarred voice of his. Listen to last year’s Apologies first, then move on to followup EP The Rooster; you won’t be disappointed.

1465371_10152054734588824_270986996_nSwingin’ Utters/Blacklist Royals/Blackmarket Syndicate/Dead to the World @ Fitzgerald’s
And finally, tonight Fitzgerald’s has a badass-looking lineup of old-school punk rock, with longstanding Bay Area punks Swingin’ Utters, who are firmly on the streetpunk end of things (unlike a lot of their Fat Wreck compatriots). The rest of the slate follows along on the same lines, too, especially with the freaking great Blackmarket Syndicate, who take a whole lot of Brit-punk influences and somehow mutate them into something distinctly Texan, and raw-throated stompers Dead to the World, who are equally cool. Get up to Fitz quickly for this one, so you don’t miss the openers.

Fat Tony (DJ set)/DJ Melodic @ The Flat (1701 Commonwealth)
Adam Bricks/Pete Tijerina/Arliss Nancy/PJ Bond @ Mango’s ($7)
Roxy Roca @ Hotel Sorella
Blaggards @ Ashford Pub
InStereo, featuring Mat Zo & Matt Lange @ Stereo Live
Mike Stinson/Shoulders @ McGonigel’s Mucky Duck
Joey Bada$$/Ab-Soul @ Warehouse Live

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