Tonight: The Phlegmatics & Alkari Up at Rudz

October17-flier-smallI just got the review of the band’s newest album, Life is Better with a Soundtrack, up on the site, I know, but dangit, tonight’s CD release show for here-then-gone power-pop-punk heroes The Phlegmatics is well worth a second mention.

The show’s up at Rudyard’s, and trust me, it’s going to be a damn good one. Not only will the Phlegs themselves be taking the stage for the first time in I think about three years, blasting those awesomely melodic pop-punk tunes about friends who know kung fu, Ms. Pac-Man crushes, orbital technology, and unabashed geekiness out through Marshall stacks, but so will fellow rockers Alkari, who happened to put out one of last year’s best albums, Blackout Falls.

I got to see the latter band live recently at the Yes Indeed! Fest, and holy crap have they gotten tighter and more cohesive since I’d seen them previously. The trio’s really honed their sound down into something that’s loud and guitar-heavy but still flat-out gorgeous, and it’s an awesome thing to witness. Get on up to Montrose tonight, y’all.

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