Yr. (Abridged) Weekend, Pt. 2: Yes Indeed!, Rudz 35th Anniversary, & A Ton of Other Shows

Alright, so know I’ve been pretty damn focused on the whole Yes Indeed! Fest this week; actually, I’m sitting at the Last Concert Cafe as I hurriedly type this in.

Just because I’ve blathered quite a bit about this one show/festival, though, doesn’t mean it’s the only thing happening tonight, Sat., September 14th. Far from it, in fact. I’m afraid I can’t do an actual rundown-type thing tonight (still waiting for my damn Bluetooth keyboard to come in; when it does…), but here’s a list of all the shows going on that I think sound cool. Here goes:

YES INDEED! 2013 Music Festival, featuring Quiet Company, Shotgun Funeral, Perseph One, FLCON FCKER, Purple, Electric Attitude, The Beans, Knights of the Fire Kingdom, Rivers, Murdocks, Sphynx, The Wheel Workers, Alkari, Say Girl Say, Young Girls, Zoofeelia, Purapharm, Naughty Professor, Devil Killing Moth, Sunrise and Ammunition, The Easy Credit Dance Theater, The Dead Revolt, Don’t Poke the Bear, Jealous Creatures, Kosé, A Sundae Drive, & The Ex-Optimists @ Last Concert Cafe/Houston House of Creeps/The Doctor’s Office (3PM-2AM)
Rudyard’s 35th Anniversary, featuring The Flamin’ Hellcats, Hell City Kings, Dead Roses, Born Liars, & Something Fierce @ Rudyard’s
Young Mammals @ The Big Top
Austra/DIANA @ Fitzgerald’s
Nikki Hill/Mikey & The Drags @ The Continental Club
Harms Way/Dead In The Dirt/Homewrecker/Black Coffee/these days @ Mango’s ($10)
Cold Cave/Douglas J. McCarthy/Hooked Rugs @ Walter’s
Half Way to St. Patrick’s Day, featuring The Dead Rabbits, Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead, Cass Barrington School of Irish Dance, Black Irish Texas, & The Houston Highlanders @ House of Blues (Bronze Peacock Room)
Springfield Riots/Krill @ The Big Top (free!)
The Lotus Effect @ Vintage Pub (13245 Jones Rd.)
The Tomfooligans @ House of Blues (Crossroads Stage)
Red Square, featuring DJ Skully, DJ dead, Christopher Anton, Provision, Dawn of the Phoenix, & Echo Over Voices @ Numbers
InStereo, featuring Paul Oakenfold, Matthew Dunn, & DJ Weezar @ Stereo Live
Jonathan Tyler and The Northern Lights/Ragged Hearts @ Fitzgerald’s
Kara Melton/Colonial Blue/Stephanie Rice/Branagan/GRRRL Parts/DJSoulfixx @ Super Happy Fun Land
Rattletree Marimba @ The Orange Show (7-11PM)

There you go, folks; if you see me out tonight (skinny older dude with a 2012 Olympics baseball cap and a dinosaur t-shirt), say “hey”…

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  1. Anton on September 16th, 2013 at 7:53 pm

    Hey Jeremy, thanks for coming to Yes Indeed.

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