Yr. Weekend: Futurebirds + Poor Dumb Bastards + Electric Attitude + The Eastern Sea + White Linen Nights + Warped Tour + HPMAs + More

c26c0a9d327b683b00fdceac3186a594[Ed. Note: Hey, all; this is Jeremy, the guy who generally runs this ship, and I’m afraid I’ve been offline quite a bit this week due to being out of the country for a little while. Never fear, however, because Creg Lovett and Jason Smith are filling in for me while I’m in a different time zone. Please be kind to them, okay? Here we go…]

Jeremy asked me to fill in for him for the next couple of weeks with the Yr. Weekend segment, so here’s where I plan to be (or for some of these here’s where I would like to be if I could afford it) this weekend.

Friday, August 2nd: I definitely will recommend the Futurebirds show at Fitzgerald’s on Friday. I got to meet one of them once. We played a festival at The Mohawk club in Austin, and they were also on the bill. This guy with a nearly Gibbonsian beard is taking a “selfie” with one of the stuffed bears they have inside The Mohawk, and I see him and offer to take the photo. We get to talking, and turns out he’s a member of Futurebirds. So, there’s not that much to the story, now that I think about it, but he was a nice guy, and this band rocks. Take a couple guys from The Eagles and mix them in with “Freebird” by Skynyrd, and you get this band — see the bird thing I did there? You’re probably ready for Jeremy to return to this blog by now.

Wow, Courtney Love at House of Blues. I guess that needs no explanation.

Man, looking down the list and there’s Train at Woodlands Pavilion, so you get the Train and the trainwreck on the same night Houston, tough choice.

And then there’s Poor Dumb Bastards and Luxurata at Rudyard’s… Someone should tell Courtney to head over to Rudz after her show and see how it’s really done. This reminds me, Houston Press is doing a Houston Music Hall of Fame. I think that’s cool. And I hope they consider Poor Dumb Bastards someday for it.

Saturday, August 3rd: Saturday and Sunday this weekend are extra busy for Houston bands and their fans. First up is Electric Attitude at Cactus Records at 3pm. EA are fresh off their amazing CD release show at House of Blues. Though their funk, soul, jazz, and Stonesy Rock is best suited for a midnight timeslot, they will just as easily make you dance in the afternoon in the aisles of Cactus Records. It’s free and refreshments will be served. From there…

179721_10151559042478370_1560121156_nHead over to White Linen Night in the Heights. I didn’t realize this tradition only goes back to 2006. According to http://www.theheightswhitelinennight.com, Chris and Kay Theyer, transplanted from New Orleans thanks to Hurricane Katrina, brought the idea of White Linen Night from the French Quarter. It surely has been successful. And this year a bunch of bands are getting in on the action. Good for them! I especially recommend PuraPharm and Devil Killing Moth at The Heights Fine Arts Gallery (617 W. 19th). While you’re over in The Heights…

The Eastern Sea, Roadkill Ghost Choir, Young Mammals, and Deep Cuts will be rocking at Fitzgerald’s. I recommend this especially because Jeremy would want me to. I know he especially loves The Eastern Sea. I saw Deep Cuts at FPSF, and they’re up and coming. Try to see them if you never have. Young Mammals are mainstays on the Houston scene. Add in the overflow from White Linen Night (I was at Fitz last year, and at least 50 people all dressed in white showed up later in the evening), and you’ve got a recipe for a packed Fitzgerald’s.

Finally, I’d also like to recommend you to head over to Dean’s in the near future. They will soon be renovating the club, so it will be closed for awhile. When they reopen, the rumor is that bands will not be playing there anymore. So if you ever played a gig there (especially if you worked with the current talent booker, Shane Burke), try and get over there between now and August 17th, have a drink, and look at the umbrellas hanging from the ceiling and those old ledgers that cover the walls.

Sunday, August 4th: Well, Sunday’s a quandary. First, you have the Vans Warped Tour. I went to Warped Tour last year and had so much fun. I know it’s not aimed at my demographic, but like a post I saw by UME‘s Lauren Larson on Facebook today said, “I’m not old, I’m a recycled teenager!” Unfortunately, Warped Tour is also on the same day as The Houston Press Music Awards Showcases, which starts at 4pm downtown. There are so many good Houston bands playing this music festival, and many of them at the same time, that I don’t want to point any out in particular. Do your homework and find some new favorites.

Hope to see you all out at a rock show this weekend!

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  1. Anton on August 3rd, 2013 at 12:47 am

    I just have to update the Devil Killing Moth show which will be move to Little Woordrow’s at 2631 White Oak. https://www.facebook.com/events/490952227643614/

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