Tomorrow: Mark C. Austin’s Print Job Opens Over at Cactus

coldplayIf you follow any of the music coverage in our fair city, you know Mark C. Austin‘s work, even if you don’t know the man himself. His work’s graced the pages of the Houston Press, Houston Chronicle, Rolling Stone, SPIN, Paste, and a ton of other magazines and newspapers, and if you’ve ever read a show review in any of ’em (especially the HP or Chron), well, you’ve most likely seen his pics.

(And yes, those shots over there on the right are his, just as a little glimpse of what he’s done in the past…)

Amongst local (and even non-local) rock photographers, he’s up there at the top, the guy who gets these amazing shots of bands and musicians where you look at ’em and just go, “damn, that’s cool.” He’s the kind of photographer other photogs want to be. Not bad for a former (sorry, “recovering”) accountant, right?

I mention all this about Mark — who also happens to be an all-round cool guy and a fervent promoter of all things musical in Houston, btw — because tomorrow, Friday, May 31st, he’ll be opening a brand-new exhibit of his work over at Cactus Music, entitled Print Job — A Collection of Music Photography by Mark C. Austin.

StVincentA wide-ranging assortment of Mark’s work will be displayed over in The Record Ranch, which is that funky little addition on the front end of the store itself, and there’ll be an opening-night reception with Mark himself tomorrow from 6-9PM. It’s free, and there’ll be beer (courtesy of St. Arnold’s, naturally), and there may be music, although I’m not sure the original DJ, Craig Hlavaty, will be able to make it…

If you can’t make it out, either, don’t panic, because the photos will be up from tomorrow night until the end of July, and admission’s free. You’ve got plenty of time to wander by Cactus and stare, open-mouthed, at this guy’s art.

Congrats to Mark; this is a very, very cool deal.

(Top to bottom: Coldplay; St. Vincent. All photos by Mark C. Austin. Derr.)

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