Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: Philip Glass’s Dracula + Titus Andronicus + The Lotus Effect + Tom Keifer + D.R.I. + More

8762295.28Running behind due to family illnesses & whatnot, I’m afraid; it’s been a rough week yet again, and the past 24 hours has been pretty much the worst part…sigh.

There’s still plenty going on, but before we get into it, I’m sad to report that tonight’s Art Car Ball over at The Orange Show has been cancelled due to the nasty weather; the Art Car Parade‘ll still be happening tomorrow, albeit a little later than normal (the parade itself starts at 3PM). Sorry ’bout that, y’all.

Here’s what is going on that sounds/looks good to me:

Dracula, featuring Philip Glass and the Philip Glass Ensemble @ Jones Hall
Y’know what sucks? Sparkly, mopey “vampires.” Y’know what doesn’t suck? The classic, original Dracula, the movie, with the vampire who started the whole bloodsucker craze, courtesy of Bela Lugosi.

To make matters even better, the score to the film is performed live tonight by avant-garde composer Philip Glass and his ensemble. Which, honestly, should make your jaw drop right there.

Titus Andronicus/The So So Glos/Chemistry/The Caldwell @ Walter’s ($13/$15)
I’m a late convert to the wonder that is Titus Andronicus, it’s true. Since finally hearing “A More Perfect Union,” though, I’ve been fully won over to the band’s raw-throated, Springsteen-gone-punk-rawk; they play with an abandon I’ve heard rarely since Archers of Loaf were still a band, and I’m enjoying the hell out of ’em. Check out the video for the aforementioned song, right here:

163583_462915133787114_1597327384_nLove Story’s End/Silenced Within/The Lotus Effect/Peregrine Reverie @ Acadia Bar & Grill (3939 FM 1960 W)
Out at the Acadia Bar tonight, there’s a nice-looking bill — not familiar with most of the folks playing, unfortunately, but I do know The Lotus Effect, a band of good-hearted local dudes I love quite a damn bit. Their melodic alternarock hits just the right notes for me, and I’m seriously looking forward to their forthcoming album, the followup to their 2010 EP, Rabbits & Royalty.

Tom Keifer @ The Concert Pub North
Yep, that Tom Keifer, aka the shredded throat behind iconic ’80s glam-blues-rock band Cinderella. I was a big fan of Keifer & his band waaaaay back in the day, and I’m glad to hear that he’s still got that trademark howl — heck, his voice sounds less raggedy, if anything, than it used to. The blues aspect of Cinderella was always the coolest part, so it’s pretty fitting that he’s gone back to his roots more fully this past decade; nowadays he comes off more like Paul Westerberg than anything else.

D.R.I./Dykes On Bykes/El Desmadre/Burn The Boats/Helrazor @ The Scout Bar (Clear Lake)
Yes, yes, yes. Classic, old-school skate-punk/thrash from right here in H-town (originally, anyway), courtesy of D.R.I. I remember hearing those guys way back in high school and being pretty damn mightily impressed; never seen ’em live, unfortunately.

Chase Hamblin (DJ set) @ Leon’s Lounge (1006 McGowen)
Cannibal Corpse/Napalm Death/Immolation @ Fitzgerald’s
Come See My Dead Person @ Zone 504 Sports Bar (Kemah)
Hearing Postwar Art, featuring Adam Bedell, Cullen Faulk, Matthew Teodori, & more @ Menil Collection lawn (6:30PM)
28th Annual Texas Crab Festival, featuring Wayne Toups, Donnie Vondra, & Brady Riley @ Gregory Park (Crystal Beach)

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