Preview Time: The March Divide at Super Happy Fun Land, This Friday

themarchdivide1Odds are if you’ve only ever heard one song by The March Divide, that song would be “Still Analog.” In that catchy pop song, Jared Putnam (formerly of The Conversation) mostly spends the chorus begging someone named Shannon to come see him. Maybe he’s referring to his job or apartment, but I interpret it as meaning to come see him at his live show. His promise of no more cheesy hooks just further backs up this notion.

And why wouldn’t it be about coming to see him perform live? The March Divide exists purely for the love of music, being on the road and not being able to adapt to a life off of the road.

The March Divide combines only the best elements of pop to form an acoustic sound that is sure to win over even the most jaded of listeners. It reminds me a lot of the pop rock acts I saw before they made it really big, such as fellow Texans The Rocket Summer, The All-American Rejects, and Yellowcard. There’s also a certain element to some of the songs from that era of Weezer when they were cranking out albums and had that one song about being vegetarian but taking one for the team.

If you don’t like any of those bands, it doesn’t matter, because The March Divide’s Putnam is still making his own mark musically. Just over a month after the release of the new album, Music For Film, and still being in the month of March, you really have no reason not to be won over by The March Divide. END

[The March Divide is playing 3/29/13 at Super Happy Fun Land, along with The Big Reveal, Silver Spring Monkey, As Day Breaks, & Loch Ness Radio.]

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