Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: Bang Bangz + The Fox Derby + A Sundae Drive + Jimmie Dale Gilmore + Humungus + More

tumblr_miwcl7ZpBv1redk57o2_500sigh. Been a crazy day, y’all — I’m bummed that I completely missed out on the first day of this year’s Haute Wheels Houston food truck festival, especially since they had very cool people like The Wheel Workers, Craig Kinsey, & Southern Backtones playing, dammit. Instead, I was stuck in a car down to Alvin and back, picking up a brand-new dog with two very excited munchkins…

Anyway, if you don’t already have plans for tonight (Saturday, March 23rd) — or hell, even if you do — there’s still some excellent going on. Here’s what I’m liking:

Bang Bangz (record release)/A Sea Es/The Suffers @ Fitzgerald’s
The highlight of tonight, at least for me; I’ve been dying to hear Bang Bangz‘s full-length album, Red City, and it definitely doesn’t disappoint. It’s dark, murky, and hazy, while simultaneously managing to be gorgeous and intense and multi-layered, and yeah, there’re a lot of high points, especially “Red City” and “Life for Now”; check out the full review on over here.

Also playing are ska/rocksteady/reggae supergroup The Suffers, who would be well worth seeing all on their own, and A Sea Es, a band(?) I’ve been meaning to see for a while now. The tickets are $10, and hey, if you’re one of the first 50 people to show up, you get a copy of the album.

Fox & Cats/The Fox Derby/The Witherees/Tigerparty/Sands Ethereal/Bob Simpson/A Sundae Drive/Jay Satellite @ Dean’s/Notsuoh ($5)
There’s a nice-looking two-venue lineup going on at Dean’s & Notsuoh, too, with awesome, awesome folks like Brit-popsters The Fox Derby, cool indie-pop/rock duo Fox & Cats, fuzzed-out indie-rock crew A Sundae Drive, and sharp-edged folk duo The Witherees, and all for a measly $5. Get on up there to downtown & check ’em out.

Jimmie Dale Gilmore/Butch Hancock @ McGonigel’s Mucky Duck
Over at the Mucky Duck, H-town has two of the all-time greatest country-rockers ever, which is a damn cool thing to see. I mean, c’mon, who doesn’t like Jimmie Dale Gilmore; the man not only played with Mudhoney, but he was in The Big Lebowski, for crying out loud, on top of being a true-blue, grizzled-as-hell country singer/songwriter. He and Butch Hancock are modern-day legends, seriously.

166753_429637697120812_787096560_nHumungus/H.R.A./Landfill/Braindead/Garbage Dump @ Walter’s
Finally, there’s some old-school punk/hardcore going on over at Walter’s tonight, with half-from-Houston outfit Humungus (who, incidentally, I hadn’t realized were still around, and please don’t confuse ’em with the ’80s-thrash-revival band of the same name from Richmond). I missed ’em back when they were hanging ’round the H-town hood, but hey, there’s time to fix that problem…

33rd Annual Girthday Extravaganza, featuring Bury The Crown, Another Run, American Heist, & Born Again Virgins @ Ballistics Skate House (807 Williams; $5)
Houston Re-Market: March to the Beat of a Different Drum, featuring Irene, Devil Killing Moth, Bayuco Social, & Lluvia Dreams @ 4302 Harrisburg (11AM-4PM)
Mother Falcon @ The Orange Show ($15)
4th Annual Peelin’ for Peepers Charity Crawfish Boil, featuring The Pee Wee Bowen Band @ Fitzgerald’s (3-7PM)
Phantom Rockers/DollyRockers/Texas Mod Crusher/The Upside @ The Continental Club
Blaggards @ Shamrocks Pub (Humble)
Gnar World Order/Mockingbird Brother/H.S.A. @ Ponde Rosa (2-5AM)
La Skandaloza/Eagger/Experimento @ Mango’s
Soulfly/Incite/Lody Kong/Witness to the Fallen @ The Concert Pub North (2470 FM 1960)

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