Tonight: Two Star Symphony Raise Money to Make a Real-Live Video

69537_639853229374056_433858636_nA bit of a late-notice thing, I know, but I didn’t want to let this completely slip through the cracks…

I’m always happy when cracked chamber-music quartet Two Star Symphony poke their heads out from their collective lair, and this time’s no exception; they’re playing a special benefit show tonight, Wednesday, February 20th, up at an intriguing-sounding venue I keep meaning to check out, The Photobooth on Montrose.

There’re two shows, one at 7PM and one at 9PM, and it’s a limited-seating deal, with only 70 seats available — and I dunno if that’s total, for the whole night, or for each set, so grab seats now — for a suggested donation of $20. I’m not sure what all they’ll be playing, but trust me, it’ll be awesome. This band makes some of the quirkiest, creepiest, most haunting music you’re ever likely to hear.

So, what’s the occasion? Well, TSS is currently running a Kickstarter campaign — it ends March 1st — to make an awesome, beautiful, probably very freaky music video, to be filmed by TSS member (and filmmaker) Jerry Ochoa at an honest-to-God haunted mansion. They’re keeping details of the plot quiet for now, but it’s sounding pretty ridiculously grand, and the band’s provided a neat look at the mansion, below:

Oh, and there’s a whole subplot to this thing, btw, which is that the band’s been trying to get more into scoring actual films; they’ve done some reportedly-awesome live scores for classic movies in the past, not to mention their score for the Dominic Walsh Dance Troupe performance of Titus Andronicus (which TSS released on CD, happily, and which is/was totally awesome and terrifying), so I can definitely see them doing something similar for real, not-live, shown-in-theaters films. More power to ’em.

There you go — get over to the Photobooth tonight and enjoy Two Star’s ineffably beautiful strangeness, or toss some money in the pot if you can’t make it out.

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